It’s About Ephebophilia.

How the topic of a predatory men’s obsession with young teenage girls was derailed and made to be a story about catty women and slut-shaming.

If you were awake this fine President’s Day and on Twitter you must have seen the beef between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose, and what a perfect way to start off a Monday, right? Now, I know no one wants to hear about pop culture or the Kardashians. For God’s sake they are everywhere! But here is where you are wrong, we are going to talk about the beef because the primary discussion Amber had on the Breakfast Club about Tyga’s gross relationship with Kylie Jenner got derailed and the focus became about two women being “catty.”

A little background information for those of you who are not on Twitter, or missed out on what went down, (seriously though, make a Twitter, you will feel so much more in the loop). Amber Rose made some comments about how Tyga left his wife and son for a minor on an interview with the Breakfast Club.

Khloe Kardashian responded to Rose’s comments on her Twitter. She was not addressing Amber’s initial comments about Tyga’s ephebophilia (which is the sexual interest in adolescents between the ages of 15–19), but rather defending her sister for having a career and bringing up Rose’s history as a stripper.

Of course Amber came through with her clapback, but that is not the focus of this article.

What surprises me is how Khloe Kardashian came after Amber Rose after Rose’s comments, which were not even about Kylie or Kylie’s career, but rather her inappropriate relationship with someone eight years elder to her. Khloe made no statement on Tyga and Kylie’s relationship or rumors of their relationship. Drake similarly called out Tyga on “6PM in New York City” in his new mixtape (download it on iTunes, it’s fire), but Khloe was silent then. Why not call out Drake? Why not call out the countless other people who have made Tyga’s ephebophilia the butt of their jokes?

So many people poke fun at Ariana Grande for looking like a minor, but when Kylie Jenner, an actual minor is being preyed on by a man well into his twenties, everyone seems to be silent. People do not actually care if young girls are being preyed on, at least not when they do not seem like minors. The conversation changed from Tyga to Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian, who is hotter, who has more money, who this who that, but the fact of the matter is the preying of young teenage girls by older men is a problem that many young adolescents face, and it needs to be addressed.

Young girls, such as myself, are often subjects of manipulation, and we may not even know it well after deeds are done. The thrill of liking an older guy, someone mature, accomplished, or dangerous is thrilling and exciting, but the thrill and the excitement can easily turn into abuse. Young girls need to be aware that this fetishization and sexualization of innocence and youth is harmful and disgusting, and more people should call out Tyga and men like Tyga for their nasty behavior, because telling young girls to be aware and control themselves plays into victim blaming.

Often times the option of saying “no” is so foreign to young girls, and we feel as if saying no is possibly the worst thing we can do. Often times we are forced to step out of our comfort zone. Often times we just do not know that we have options other than playing into older men’s manipulation.

No seventeen year-old has their life together. And as much as we like to think we are mature adults, we really are reckless teenagers who cannot make practical decisions all the time. I hope Kylie is able to realize her dating an older guy is not “cool” and age is not just a number. I hope the Kardashian family breaks up the relationship and addresses the rumors. And I hope more celebrities like Amber Rose call out horrible men like Tyga on their preposterous actions.

To any young girls or guys who think there is nothing wrong with Kylie and Tyga’s relationship, or relationships between young teenagers and adult men, before you firmly take your stance, I highly recommend reading this post on Mr Exposed’s blog before arguing about how age is but a number.

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