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He is a boy no matter what he feels like and should use the boys room. Any boy now can say he feels like a girl and go into the girls room and then the trouble will begain. I love gay people but they are going too far these days and are trying now to see how far they can go with the laws of the land with things they dont really want but just want to see if they can get away with it. Some like girls and boys and just should not be in a girls room. This is not going to work? Its like playing dress up by using the girls room. Its not safe now if your read the news for women. Men put hidden camers in womens rooms and sneak in with small mirrows they use while in the stalls to watch women going to the bathroom. You think you are part of a wonderful landmark change but in the end may and will make it dangerous for anther group. How are women to tell who is safe before its to late? How are little girls to use the bath room knowing theres a guy right next to them. Caring about a small group is fine but dont forget the feelings of the other people that live and exsist as well. Use your own bathroom.There are things that make me uneasy to do but I get over it. Using a girls room will not make you more of a woman. You are a BOY that THINKS you are a girl but you have to conside not just your feelings but the feelings of others as well. Why do women or girls have to feel uncomfortable to make one person feel comforble.Is this what you call fair, or do you just want it to be fair for you? Life is hard sometimes but dont make it hard for another group who is also trying to live and be safe. Love you.

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