Introduction of Ci Protocol

What is “Ci”?

“Ci” is a text NFT protocol based on Conflux. As an open-source Chinese character text NFT protocol, Ci will open a minting system, allowing every user to generate a specific Chinese character NFT.

The nature of NFT is a “substantialized” label. Its ultimate value is social, not as a short-term investment, no matter the format of it. The essential function of NFT is to deliver the NFT holders’ features, aesthetics, tastes, interests, etc. Everyone is a “plain paper” before we receive, process, analyze, and deliver information and eventually obtain all kinds of labels and complete the formation of identity. In this way, we finalize who we are and evolve toward the unique one.

Future Prospect of “Ci” and Partnership

The first project of Ci Protocol will be launched in the form of a blind box with 1000 text NFT. Each text NFT is a unique descriptive word, a certain ratio of them will be rare and awaiting for users to evaluate its value.

NFTBox, as the early phase endorsing partner, will support the display of “Ci” NFT as the title on its platform.

Kinds, as another NFT social media platform who supports Ci Protocol from every beginning, will also endorse Ci Protocol text NFT when it’s launched. “Ci” text NFT will be part of the title system. Users are able to use them as descriptive words before their nicknames. For example, for the user named “Jack”, if he has “Lovely” text NFT, his platform nickname will be “[Lovely] Jack”.

In the short future, Ci Protocol will provide a user minting system. The text NFT minted will become part of users’ Web3 identity, breaking the boundaries of Networks and allowing the users to freely explore the metaverse with their text NFT. Platforms are welcomed to endorse the Ci protocol. Users are able to use their text NFT generated by the Ci protocol as their nickname, bio, title, etc.

How to Purchase “Ci” Blindbox?

NFTBox will be the only NFT marketplace to purchase the “Ci” blind box. For more information, please follow our official Twitter account




Ci Protocol is an open source Chinese character text NFT protocol which allows users to generate certain Chinese character NFT.

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Ci Protocol

Ci Protocol

Ci Protocol is an open source Chinese character text NFT protocol which allows users to generate certain Chinese character NFT.

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