This Twenty-Something Forced Silicon Valley to ‘Show Her the Numbers’
Miranda Katz

Serious question: Why is “the pipeline excuse” an excuse? If I post for an engineering position, say for a semi-conductor circuit designer, or for a petroleum process engineer or even a database engineer, in my (limited) experience, about 75%+ of the applicants I receive* are … male. Would this not indicate: 1) That there are fewer female engineers in the engineering population pool, OR 2) that they aren’t actively seeking jobs? What can employers do to increase their diversity numbers (on that axis) when the candidate pool is already constrained?

* It’s actually more like 95%+, but after I filter the “clearly unqualified”, it drops to about 75%+. The ‘average’ female applicant is more qualified than the ‘average’ male applicant — which probably means that unqualified males are spamming the process by applying for jobs they are unfit for…

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