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I often have ideas, not always good ones and most of the time it remains just an idea but sometimes I need to test it.

Recently I have been working on a small project (a World of Warcraft addon, I may talk about it when it’s finished) and I found out that I needed to have a website to access a database and allow people help me to add simple data in it.

The thing is I’m sometime quite lazy and for a little side project I didn’t want to setup a whole environment with a server and a database. So I asked myself “ What if I put everything on GitHub?” …

VS Code has become quite popular among coders these days. Being very open to modifications using extensions really helped to expand the possibilities of what you can do with VS Code.

Lately I was experimenting with VS Code Webviews and I had one of these “what if” moments : what if we put a React application inside a Webview inside an extension inside VS Code ?

Here begins this little Frankenstein experiment, a small walkthrough of what we can do (but probably shouldn’t, more on that later) with VS Code extensions, Webviews and React.

Setting up the project

Every journey has a starting point. Ours will be editing a small config file in Json. We would like to provide a small GUI to edit the file, make some checks and so on. …

Nicolas FABRE

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