Week Two Reflection: The Job Search

Job:Search Engine Marketing Manager, SEO PPC

Link: http://jobs.mashable.com/jobs/search-engine-marketing-manager-seo-ppc-south-jordan-utah-84095-73689864-d

What role does data, analytics, measurement, metrics or reporting play in the job you found? How does it relate to the job’s ultimate goals? Essentially the entire job revolves around analytics, measurement, metrics, and reporting as it is a job specifically created for one to specialize in SEO. It seems the ultimate goal of the job is to measure all analytics for the company so…the usage of measurement and analytics is the goal of the job.

What qualifications do you currently have for this role? What skills do you need to learn or practice before you feel qualified to apply? Quite honestly, I think I lack most of the skills that would be required for this job (but not after this semester….☺). I think I would excel in “strong oral and written communication skills,” “outstanding customer service skills,” and the “ability to work independently and within a team environment,” because those are the skills that I am most comfortable with and have had the most experience in. Otherwise, a lot of the requirements require a lot of skills I have not learned yet.

What questions would you ask the job recruiter? 1. Why do you think it is important to have just one person focused on the analytics and SEO of the company? 2. Do you think it would be more beneficial to have employees in specific fields handle the SEO of their field? 3. Cricut sells very specifc products to what seems to be a specific audeince. Are you using analytics to create a more broad audience or to continue to work with the audience you already have?

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