25 to Life: Is it Right?

Sweeping dirt under a rug solves nothing, it only builds up, leaving an overflow of more dirt to be swept under another rug. The only way to get rid of dirt is to change it. Prisoners are treated like dirt under a rug; you lock them up and then throw away the key, tear them down until they succumb to what you perceive them as, and watch them multiply like cockroaches in a never ending cycle of enslavement. Elongated servitude in federal prisons is just another form of slavery, another cause to the ongoing crime in the streets, escalating the amount of crime there already is.

Simple minded people believe that by keeping felons behind bars forever, they’ll be safe but what happens to a locked up dog if he has been contained for too long?

He becomes bitter and angry,

constantly wanting to bite the hand that’s been feeding him crap.

Or he becomes so docile he’s doesn’t remember how to live in the world anymore.

Confining criminals until they are right about to die will not change crime rates. It will only make things worse.

But no one seems to care if this is the truth.

They will leave them there until their corpses begin to rot and there is nothing left but a faint memory of their former selves.

A child is often placed in time out for doing something wrong.

They are forced to stay in a seat by themselves until they have proven to have learned their lesson.

If that child were forced to stay in that seat for the rest of their lives for being


people would consider that to be a crime. So why is it that we can so easily cast a blind eye to all of the people being locked away in prison for the majority of their lives, until they can no longer remember how to behave in the world outside of their prisons walls?

Prison is like time out.

You are (supposed to be) placed there, supposedly to be reformed, but when do they get out? Most go in when they are teenagers and are left there until they are past grown.

Nowadays the sentence for a simple petty robbery is almost as long as being charged with murder. If a child would not be kept confined to a chair for extended periods of time just so they could learn a lesson that by then they would not even have the chance to apply in their lives, why is it people find it okay to do this to a prisoner? A prisoner, no matter their age or crime, is still someone’s child.

If doing the ol same ol has not been giving good results,

shouldn’t the tactics be changed?

But no one thinks about that. they just move on with their lives, forgetting those left behind in prison to be someone else’s problem.