As we all know, juicing is greatly a benefit to making you feel better and for your body as a whole. It is contained with raw vegetables and fruits to help flush your system (detox). I believe that juicing can be difficult for people that are trying to cut down on their diet to feel and look better, but there are also its cons.
 When you juice, you’re supposed to consume the nutrition as a whole from all of the fruits and vegetables contained.

Last week, I found out that souping is more beneficial to juicing because you’ll feel less hungry. In my opinion, the way I find souping is like puree-ing soup in a blender. I only know of this because in my experience, I had to puree soup in order for a customer to eat. She was not able to chew therefore I had to puree everything she wanted to eat no matter what it was. I do find souping as an alternative for juicing, but an article made me think twice.

This article basically states that you can consume a fruit in 2 different ways, and it’ll also enter in your body differently. Since the first way of eating a fruit is as a whole, then you’ll receive all of its nutrients. But, since juicing requires having to blend fruits, only some of the fiber is broken down. Which means that you don’t receive all of the fiber from that certain fruit.

Juicing however, is very expensive. Gathering all of your fruits, vegetables, yogurt, in all is at most one hundred dollars spent for just one week. Other than that, you need a good working blender which cost about $50-$300. During the blending process, cleaning a blender in general takes a lot of patience and sometimes the juice isn’t even that good. Although, throughout the juicing weight loss/cleanse, you are not receiving either fiber or protein to keep you full. Needing protein is a must to have in your body, because it helps build muscle. Once you’re probably on the juice cleanse for a week, you’ll feel weak. Trust me. Since many people juice with fruits and vegetables, the ratio of fruits in the juice vs the actual fruit differs.

With the studies I have been doing on my own time and with the experience, I don’t recommend juicing anymore. Personally, with all of the cons listed in articles about juicing, all you want to do is chew and juicing does not give you the ability to do that. It certainly lacks the feel to not be hungry and when you’ve been wanting to lose weight for the matter of time, juicing does not help. Juicing lacks fiber that you can’t consume alternatively brings up souping. Also fiber is needed in the body to lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels so that sugar in the body isn’t so high. Overall, juicing is just another way to make you think that you’re healthy. I most definitely do not recommend juicing anymore because (in my opinion) it’s an alternative for flavored water.

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