Healthy — Rough Draft

What is the topic? Who is the topic important to and why is it important to them? What is some background/important credible information people ought to know about your topic that you learned from reading about it in the news? What is something the average person does not know about your topic, but should know to understand it more fully? What questions do you have on the topic that you would like to answer eventually?

Eating healthy and exercising is important in everyone’s life so that they could live longer. Many people tend to get sick because of lack of nutrition in the body. In the news, there’s always topics that state of (an example) why coffee beans are bad, then there would be another article that states why it is healthy for you. Practically, anything that you consume/masticate can be harmful to the body because everyone can be allergic to anything, and some many not know what they’re allergic to till this day. Which is why having to exercise daily is a good thing, because you extract the bad toxins from your body. Being healthy can limit you from eating your favorite foods, but it is for the better. Eating your most favorite foods can be called a “cheat day.” But you can’t have a cheat day every single day while trying to maintain your health. 
Although, some people do take the short cut of losing weight and being healthy by taking pills. Little do they know, is that some drug prescriptions don’t state what really is in the drug. When taking in pills, people need to be very careful because consuming drugs can lead towards health defects permanently.

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