Snapchat: Authenticity is the Real Driver of Engagement

A couple of months ago I was given the responsibility of managing the Double-R-Quits Snapchat account, along with our other accounts, Facebook, Twitter etc. The thing about Snapchat, in comparison to the other Social Media accounts for your business, is that it is the most real, you can’t hide behind a computer with a bad post or a cheesie update that will be seen as the companies rather than yourself. It really requires a bit of genuine personality and cannot be faked, or it will come across as so in your snaps.

Now believe me this is easier said than done. I was awful at the start, over-thinking every snap, worrying after take ten did I still look like as big an idiot, as I did in take one(the answer was most definitely yes). It really is hard to ‘be yourself’ in a hope that people will like you, or even keep watching. It was a rocky start, and naturally, I received a fair bit of stick from my mates, and rightfully so. I was trying to pronounce everything correctly and it came across very scripted and you could tell I wasn’t enjoying it. In trying to not come across awkward and stupid that is exactly what happened. It was cringey, to be blunt.

Anyway, I kept at it and kept cringeing, but i started to care less, but in a good way. At the end of the day to use the tool at its most effective, you HAVE to be yourself.

Now if you were to look at one of my stories as a professional you would probably be thinking, what is this ejit up to? How is he someone who is a part of a startup that wants to be taken seriously going on like that? And you would be right because it is definitely a raw approach and a little out there, but an approach that is definitely bearing fruits.

I really do try to have fun with it, losing the business mindset for a bit, because after all that is our target market, young people who won’t don’t want to be sold to by a ‘business’ man with a stick up their arse. At the end of the day, I am just your average Joe who comes from a modest background as an electrician, and I think they really relate to that.

See one of the main things we do on our Snapchat, to showcase the service we offer is run various tournaments like FIFA, Call of Duty, UFC etc. The engagement received on it has been fantastic, probably a lot better than we would have hoped at this stage.

We have people from every county entering these tournaments on a weekly basis, which I really try to play off with some friendly ‘slagging’ in my stories, and have acquired quite a loyal following. I have always considered myself to have good ‘banter’, which I try to use in my stories. It’s good to get away from the spreadsheets and the analytics and have a little fun. Yes, I most definitely look like a bit of an idiot sometimes, but who cares? They seem to really respond to it, that’s what matters. I often get nice messages off people who don’t even play saying how much they enjoy my stories, which is pretty cool.

What started with just under 50 followers has grown to well over 1300 in a few short months. Now, of course, a lot of that is down to people wanting to get involved in the tournaments, and the service we offer but I do like to think I play a big part in keeping them there, with my 10–15 snap stories retaining over 85% viewer from start to finish. Someone in the start-up scene said it is probably one of the fastest growing Snapchat accounts in Ireland. He could be wrong, but I’ll take it!

So if you are just starting your own Snapchat channel, the only bit of advice I could give you is, enjoy it! Do what you think works for you. No two people are the same. Don’t worry about looking like an idiot sometimes, because you will regardless. I have been doing them daily for a while now and if you were to look you would say it is very rough. But at the end of the day, it’s real… And it’s working.