What Is Affiliate Marketing? And How Does It Work?

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This is the question I get asked most, even by my mom…

What is the easiest way to make money online?

And when I say, Affiliate Marketing… the blank stares are hilarious!

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So, what exactly is Affiliate Marketing, and how can you use it?

Well let me give you an example…

Take any product, let’s say a spoon, let’s go even further, and say a lovely silver quilted spoon… because we all love a good spoon!

Do you think you could sell that even if you don’t own it?

Most people would say no…

But that’s why most people don’t allow themselves to break free of the situations they are in.

Did you know anything you use, anything you pretty much know about and have used before,

You can turn into an income…

Affiliate Marketing In Simple English

You can walk up the street, and see a bike shop that isn’t doing too well for itself, and you can go up to the manager and say…

Hey, I’ll sell that bike for you…

But, when I do I want you to give me a cut of that money it is sold for.

selling products as an affiliate marketer
selling products as an affiliate marketer
You can sell pretty much anything as an Affiliate Marketer, you just have to find what you like selling!

What you have now become, once he or she says yes… is an affiliate marketer.

You’re the middleman for that bike sale…. that single bike you said you would and could sell…

how to be a middleman with affiliate marketing
how to be a middleman with affiliate marketing
You become the middleman, finding customers to sell people’s products

Now imagine that bike seller loved that you sold his bike and he says,

Hey Bill…

I have a new shipment of these exact same bikes coming in…. 100 to be exact, do you think you could sell them?

And you say,

You know what I think I can…

You strike a deal, and you go ahead and sell those bikes.

No money upfront, only on the sale…

The bike guy thinks this is an awesome idea. I have a sales guy who I don’t pay unless he makes a sale…

And you say, I get a huge commission on these sales, more than I would if I worked in a company as a salesperson.

affiliate marketing is good for product owner and seller
affiliate marketing is good for product owner and seller
Even Michael Scott thinks so!

And, you can sell them pretty much anywhere…

Now the question you asked is… who the hell do you sell them to?

That’s where the internet comes in…

affiliate marketing reaches globally
affiliate marketing reaches globally
You can sell both digital and physical affiliate products

The internet has almost unlimited buyers for you all over the world….

And it also has so many businesses like the bike seller to want people to sell their products.

The internet is full of what we call affiliate offers, Millions to be exact…

You can even become an affiliate for most products on Amazon!

amazon associates affiliate program
amazon associates affiliate program
How to sell Amazon Affiliate Products

But not everything is created equal…

Salespeople are not created equal, burgers are not created equal, people are not created equal, and payouts for affiliate commissions are not created equal….

So you have to find the correct type of offers that give you the best payment for the least amount of work, we called this the Sweet Spot.

While with some affiliate commissions you might get 2% to 5%, and on others, you might get up to 75% to 100% of the product you are selling on the internet… more of this inside here

Let me give you an example of this…

Different Affiliate Marketing Products

These are examples from personal friends of mine…

One friend sells Mobility equipment and makes tens of millions of dollars each year, was an ex-Barman and now lives a life of luxury.

can you make money with affiliate marketing
can you make money with affiliate marketing
Yep, I hear you!

Another sales water filters, and sells hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of those, travels the world and is the next teacher.

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I have another who sells TVs from Amazon, he was a bricklayer…

And another sells second-hand sneakers on eBay, again another teacher…

Some cell Specialists pepper products, another sell dog treats…

amazon dog affiliate products
amazon dog affiliate products

What I’m trying to say to you is that…

You don’t need to be a:

  1. Computer whiz,
  2. A marketing genius,
  3. Even a university graduate,
  4. Or even for that matter have ever finished high school…

Many of the people I’ve trained have not done these things…

Did it hold them back?

Not a chance…

Let’s see how else you can benefit from affiliate marketing… read more here

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