Hello! I need lots of help from you guys. I need to get to $500 to support Kano. It’s a very good piece of technology.

Here are the options you guys!
Option #1
  • If you guys need website, blog, video, etc.; I can make you one for $5-$15. Just email me at ciarap6950@gmail.com
  • You can send me the money through paypal, check, or credit card.
Option #2
  • Download Poshmark
  • Open the app and search ciarap6950
  • Then if you would like to, you can buy anything you like!

You can also sell and buy on Poshmark if that’s what you desire!

After I make $500 (if I do) I’ll post a video on my youtube channel about the Kano things I got and a setup video.

I’d love it if you subscribe too!!!

Thank you guys so much for helping me out. I appreciate it a lot.

This is how much money I’ve raised up: $0

If you have any questions or request just email me at ciarap6950@gmail.com

Date Posted: October 31, 2016