Handing Over The Engagement Keys To Your Managers

“No two persons ever read the same book” — Edmund Wilson

The same sentiment could be applied to our experiences at work. No two employees ever have the same experience. Engagement factors are intertwined with our personality, career ambitions, culture, the list goes on. Adopting a once-size-fits-all approach to engaging your employees won’t work. However, I think managers could be the secret sauce in your engagement recipe.

We’ve all heard the line “employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers”, so what are you doing to encourage great management skills in your organisation?

Would you give your field sales employees a company car without first checking they have a valid driving license? Why give your managers a team without first checking they have the necessary skills and training? One of the companies I previously worked for ran a new manager training course, as soon as someone was earmarked for a management position they were booked on this three-day course. It covered everything from the basics of company policies, team admin to performance coaching and employee relation procedures. I believe this proactive approach to up-skilling managers can go a long way towards increasing employee engagement.