What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work

I think what you’ve shared is going to help a lot of people. There are many people who believe remote working is super easy, when in reality it is a skill. Companies don’t offer training on effective remote working, including how to manage your time and the change in environment. Companies with a large proportion of remote information workers should provide structured training, as you would for any skill.

Self-management is a significant key to effective remote work. Finding the simple tricks that work for you take time. When I finish for the day I place my laptop, headset and notebook in my desk drawer and close it. I feel like that simple habit marks the end of the work day for me. I also, early on in my career, found that having a separate phone for work and for personal life really helps me draw a line. I work in the US for a UK-based startup. My customers are in the US, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Europe, so if I didn’t turn off my work phone it would be ringing and pinging 24/7. When I tell people that I turn my work phone off at the end of my work day and *all* weekend some are amazed and say “I wish I could do that”. You can, you just have to set those boundaries and stick to them.

The way I tackle the loneliness challenge is by volunteering with a professional membership group. I serve as a board member for their local chapter, which helps me meet local professionals in my line of work and gives me the option to attend monthly events and network. I think this is a healthy way to meet others and gain external perspective while also giving my mind a break from my day job.