Las Vegas Knights

In the sports world, big news was announced to NHL fans all across the world on November 22, 2016. The Las Vegas Knights will be the 31st NHL team as of 2017. The logo is made up of a ‘V’ to represent Vegas and the iconic sword that creates the star in the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas sign’.

As much excitement as this brings to fans and current/drafted players, there is also word of concern. The concern being the location of this team, famous Viva Las Vegas. Why is this a concern? Well, first off, the city is known as the ‘City of Sin’. People go to Vegas to, a) party, b) shop, c) gamble. NHL players already have a history of having the love to party, gamble and well not being faithful. Yes, this can all be a stereotype. However, being in the scene as one of MANY I see/hear this first hand more than I can count.

Young players that are drafted and sign major deals are instantly brought into large sums of money. Many fans and even the media are asking, if located in Vegas, will this be a problem for their game? The party scene is at their finger tips and they have the money to back up that lifestyle. Moral of the question here is, will an NHL team in Las Vegas survive?

The Knights could however look at it as an advantage. Even the most dedicated, loyal to the game players will make a night of boozing an option if it looks to be a good time. This could give the Knights an at home advantage with the possibility of the opposing team being not on their sharpest ‘A’ game.

Relationships, oh me oh my. This is already a very hard aspect of the job title. From long distance relationship, to bad reputations, to beautiful woman throwing themselves at the players. Will a relationship be able to hold up with players placed in Las Vegas? Yes, beautiful woman are everywhere, however Vegas is a whole new ball park. The attension that females give these players is enought to scare a woman in a relatinoship already. Then adding Vegas to the picture is just terriying.

I may be shinning way to much negativity into this knew team and not exactly weighing out ‘pros & cons’, but I am very curious to see/hear what happens once this new team fires up. Now, we wait for the release of ‘Hockey Wives of Las Vegas’. Kidding…..maybe.

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