Four Ways on How to Clear CIBIL Issues Related to Credit Score

A lot of people suffer from CIBIL problem solution. For example, they have poor CIBIL credit score. It surely can hurt them financially not only financially, but also personally. One example is that there is a man, an engineer who has CIBIL score around 630. It is actually not bad, but why when he applies for a loan in the bank, it rejects his request. He cannot apply for home loan finally. Then, there is a private lender that is offering him very bad credit terms and shocking rates. It happens because of his CIBIL score. If you have bad CIBIL score history, your request to have a loan or credit card in a bank won’t be approved. So, how to clear CIBIL issues like this?

How to Clear CIBIL Record the Right Way

If you are experiencing the same thing with the man above, you need to think about this seriously and think how to clear CIBIL issues like this? Simple, what you need to do is to have CIBIL score reset. You could rebuild your score and again control your life back. Below are some ways on clearing CIBIL record so it will not have bad score.

1. Every time, on time

One way of how to clear CIBIL issues like this is having on time payments. Late payments actually can have impact on your CIBIL score. Set up a reminder and use automatic bill payment. Beside, alert features are also good for you. A late payment on loan or on a credit card bill is going to reduce the credit score you have.

Yet, if you get on the track back within thirty to sixty days, the score will bounce back quickly. Make sure that you don’t allow the payment you are responsible get past ninety days overdue. When it happens, it’ll damage the credit score for next two years. So, how to clear CIBIL issues like this easy right?

2. Reining in the debt

The next way to clear the CIBIL issue like this is to pay down the debts you have to minimum. If you have much debt, the credit score of your CIBIL score will be damaged. By paying down the debt you have to minimum, it’ll push up the credit score you have.

3. Eliminating the mistakes

Other way on how to clear CIBIL issues related to CIBIL score is getting hold of the CIBIL report of yours in regular basis in order to ensure there is no mistake. If in case there are several items which you dispute, you need to inform the credit bureau as well as the bank right away. Then, you must keep all of the financial paperwork and you must provide proofs wherever it is possible to provide weight for your claims.

4. Being patient

Well, this is the last way on how to clear CIBIL issues related to CIBIL record. If your request is always rejected by the banks, better you are waiting in patience and try to improve your CIBIL credit score. It’s useful for you in next few months. Then, you can check again by trying to apply for updated CIBIL score you have now.

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