How to Clear CIBIL Issues: Clear Name from CIBIL Defaulter List

A borrower may wonder about how to clear CIBIL issues especially about removing his name in the defaulter list. CIBIL or Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited is a company that record the credit information of borrower or called with CIC or Credit Information Company. For those who see their name in the defaulter list in CIBIL website, then they are in trouble as they cannot get a fresh loan such as mortgage, car loan, college loan or others. So, they need to remove their name from the list first before they get fresh loan.

How to Remove Name from CIBIL Defaulter List Instantly

There are three possibilities of a name of borrower that is listed in the defaulter list of CIBIL so a borrowers need to know how to clear CIBIL issues. For those who have followed the rule, their name may be in the list. So, the possibilities are like below:

1. It is because of a human error where there is a mistake or error in writing the name, address, gender or other else such as identity theft.

2. CIBIL has not yet updated the defaulter list after the settlement so a borrower’s name is still in the list.

3. It is because of the problem of the borrower that cannot pay the dues or late so he is listed.

For a borrower who pays the dues on time for each month and there is no negative credit report or history, then the problems why his name is in the list can be caused by first and second possibility. Otherwise, for those who are late on paying the bills so they get negative reports that have been clarified, then they are in the third possibility. How to clear CIBIL issues? For the first and second possibility, there is a big chance to get free from the defaulter list but not for the third possibility.

For the first possibility, how to clear CIBIL issues? A borrower needs to check the reasons why his name is in the list from the 3 major bureaus. Read carefully about the reasons. If there is a mistake or error regarding about the writing of name, address, gender or other else then he needs to contact CIBIL to fix the error by providing the valid data and other supporting data. Within 30 days, the time where bureau needs to identify, then the problem will be fixed.

For the second possibility, how to clear name from CIBIL list? A borrower needs to contact the lender to update the status or remove the report of his dues that has been cleared to CIBIL so the bureau will remove his name from the list. This is the first idea of how to clear CIBIL issues for the second possibility. If after a settlement the name still exists, then get a copy of the settlement to the bank. The lender then will contact the bureau to update the details, CIBIL then will remove it.

For the last possibility, it seems hard to know how to clear CIBIL issues since the reason of the name listed is because of the valid data. So, a borrower needs to wait for 7 years or 10 years for bankruptcy. If he calls a credit repair company then the company asks an illegal action, if it is detected, then it can be classified as criminal info where he will be banned for forever.

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