How to Clear CIBIL Issues: Clear Your Name from CIBIL Defaulter List

Many people having good job apply for a credit card from some reputable banks. They usually have good balance in their saving accounts and they are usually people that are premium customers of those banks. When it happens, the banks will surely and easily accept the request to make a credit card. However, there are some people who complain since the banks suddenly reject their application in making a credit card or applying for a loan for the reason that they are included in CIBIL report defaulter list. Then, they start asking how to clear CIBIL issues like this?

The ways on how to clear CIBIL issues like this is very important since they need credit card for their business. Credit card is very useful for web based professional business since they are required to buy a web hosting or maybe some renew domains from times to times. When people hear that they are in the CIBIL database defaulter list yet they are in a good financial position, this problem might be odd.

The problem that occurs might be like this: their CIBIL history shows several pending and old payments that are reported by several other banks. CIBIL is actually credit intelligent agency operated in India that is backed by a private sector and a public sector. The private and public sector will collect the financial characters of each person in country from the participation in some banks and they will assign certain score. When your score is not like what your real condition, this might lead to question how to clear CIBIL issues.

It is important since the score assigned by the private and public sectors is calculated after the understanding loans have been taken, credit card usage, payment pattern, spending style, and etc. You might be very wealthy, but the banks might not take the wealth you have as primary aspect to approve credit card or a loan but rather, they use that CIBIL score. Therefore, once you find yourself in the list, you need to know how to clear CIBIL issues.

How to Clear CIBIL Report-Name from the List

Some questions that are crucial are of how to clear CIBIL issues are related to your name as defaulter. So, here are the things on how to clear your name from CIBIL list. If the CIBIL score is no more than handsome value, the banks will give you bad score and they will grade you as defaulter. Of course, the credit card request won’t be approved. The only way you can do is getting the CIBIL report and finding out some black marks in the financial activities you have.

If there are several dues pays, then you need to get “no dues certificate”. You can get it from concerned banks. After that, send a request to them to remove your name from CIBIL list. Remember, you cannot plead the CIBIL to remove your name from its database. The database only updates your data upon the request from the banks related which have added it. The last thing on how to clear CIBIL issues related to your name as defaulter is waiting for more or less 3 to 6 months for the updated reports.

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