How to Clear CIBIL Issues: How to Correct Your CIBIL record

There are some needs of a businessman to have a credit card or to apply a loan. It is a must because some professional business needs to have certain financial activities related to credit card. When they need to apply for a request of credit card, the banks will not directly approve the request. They need to know their track record of financial activities. The financial activities recorded are usually recorded by private or public sectors. The problem is how to clear CIBIL issues that is negative such as being a CIBIL defaulter?

How to Check Your CIBIL Record Online

The first thing you need to know before applying a credit card or a loan request to the banks is to check your CIBIL record. It is one of important thing on how to clear CIBIL issues that is negative. CIBIL score usually ranges from 300 to 900. If you have a value that is near 900, it means that you are eligible highly for a loan or credit card. But, if you only have score around 300, it’ll put you in to a trouble. It is the trouble of being a CIBIL defaulter list. Sometimes, they give negative, even zero values as the CIR status.

If it happens, it means that your information will not be available with the scores. Or, the other possibility is that your current credit data is very valid to calculate suitable scores. But don’t worry as there is one way on how to clear CIBIL issues that is negative like CIBIL has now provided online facility in which public could request the scores they have.

There are some ways in checking your CIBIL report online. The first step is you need to submit personal information, address, and financial details, along with single time payment of more or less 450 RS. It is done in order to get CIBIL credit report from internet. There are two report types available for the purchase actually, the first is CIR and the second one is TransUnion Score. The former one is the details of the credit cards you have like dues, credit history, repayment style, contact address, and financial negligence. To solve CIBIL issues like this is not difficult since you’ll then get your CIBIL score.

Revealing How to Remove CIBIL Record

Removing CIBIL record is simple. If you are not a defaulter and you have good CIBIL score record, you need to get the CIBIL record correct. First, you need to check if there is an error of your CIBIL report, sometimes, it is a human error. If it happens, then the banks will be responsible for it. It includes your personal and basic information. Other error might be that something just does not belong to you. This is one of how to clear CIBIL issues related to CIBIL record.

In solving this problem on how to clear CIBIL issues related to CIBIL report is then filling CIBIL online dispute resolution form. Then, you’ll be given dispute ID or complaint ID. Then, CIBIL will forward the error correction you complain to particular lender. Then, it’ll be updated. The last is waiting for more or less 30 days for the issues of resolution.

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