How to Clear CIBIL Issues: How to Know My Name in CIBIL List

There are so many people that are rejected for applying a personal loan or credit card. The reason is simple — the banks find a report that they are not eligible enough to pay the loan and credit cards. It is because they are tracked recorded as the people who have bad score or bad credit history. But the problem is that very often people have no idea why their names are in the CIBIL defaulter list. CIBIL defaulter list is the list of some names that have bad CIBIL score. So, how to clear CIBIL issues like this?

How to Check My Name in CIBIL List in Easy Way

How to clear CIBIL issues like this? If it is not solved quickly, you might have difficulties now and in the future when you need some financial supports like loan or credit cards for the sake of your business. Of course, you need to check your name in the CIBIL report. Nevertheless, before you know how to check if my name is in CIBIL, you need to know first about CIBIL or Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. It is actually the central repository for credit information for all of the borrowers. It has data of history of credits from all the borrowers which are associated with financial institutions or member banks.

When you, as a borrower, approach for personal loan in a bank, the bank first will gather a CIR or Credit Information Report of yours. It is got from CIBIL. And on the basis of that kind of judges, the worthiness of credit of you as borrower, the will decide if you are granted enough to have loan or credit card or not. CIR is actually a factual report that gives ideas o the history of credit payment of you. It helps the banks on how to clear CIBIL issues.

How to check my name in CIBIL list? If you have your name in the CIBIL list as the CIBIL defaulter list, you cannot apply for personal loan or credit card. So, better to check your CIBIL score online first and it will direct you whether your name is in the CIBIL list or not. First, go to CIBIL official website. After that, you need to do self service portal to check if your name is there or not based on your CIBIL score. How to clear CIBIL issues is pretty easy:

1. You must identify lender name and the loan account number of account on the credit report of yours.

2. The next thing on how to clear CIBIL issues related to checking your name in CIBIL list is to check your current data that are reported for account in the credit report you have.

3. Another step is making automated re-dispatch of the credit report and credit score you have now.

4. After knowing it, you need to report the dispatch status.

5. The next step is to upload the KYC document.

6. The last step is by understanding your CIR or Credit Information Report.

If your CIR is good and no less than 300, you are not included in the CIBIL defaulter list and you don’t need to find any ways related to how to clear CIBIL issues. If you have nearly 900, it signs that you are eligible to gain personal loan or credit cards. So, are you ready to check your name online in CIBIL list?

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