Sona Munda ❤

It feels like it was only yesterday — the day I first laid eyes on you. You with your heavily gelled wavy black hair whilst parading up and down only to catch my attention on purpose. Followed by the constant hurling of compliments that would make me turn red like a tomato.

It feels like it was only yesterday — when you treated me with so much of love yet never, not once, overstepped your boundaries. And for me to fall asleep on your lap. You — a stranger. Whom I strangely enough shared this unexplainable bond with. It was then that I associated you with home. My home.

It feels like it was only yesterday — as i awoke to you kissing my cheek. I’d never felt that way, not ever. Only with you. You got me hooked. You — akin to a drug. And me? A hopeless addict.

It feels like it was only yesterday — I broke your heart. I left you broken. And alone. All conflicted. And lost. Yet I still never wanted to leave you for good.

Till this day I still think of you and the times we’ve had. And how funny the universe is for constantly placing us on each other’s path. I want you to know that I never forgot you. Or your love. Which i so desperately try to find in everyone else.

Today you’re here. Standing in front of me. With the same love you have to offer. But why does it all seem so similar yet different now? When this was all I’ve ever wanted. To be back in your arms again.

My first everything. ❤