17/02/23 CIC Labs Newsletter

Hi guys!

Finally we are starting our medium newsletter, which is long overdue! Our intention here is to give a more detailed summary of what we are doing as a team and project, as well as a de-brief of what we have done over the last two weeks. We will be posting an update like this one every two weeks on Friday evening from here on out so we look forward to being able to demonstrate progress and we hope that this newsletter will bring accountability that will keep us moving forwards.

I want to start by saying a huge thank you to the team who have been working hard over the past few weeks, but also who have been very resourceful and adaptable when needed. Our CMO James has began a new series that will continue on a weekly basis from now on, offering insights into CIC Chain an its technology but will also begin to showcase projects that launch on our chain in the future. We intend to share these videos across all of our socials in the future, including YouTube. I want to thank Admir and Mary for their hard work in upgrading and redesigning the visuals on the DAO’s UI. They have put a lot of hours and effort into it and Admir even taught himself how to use Figma, which is awesome considering the new design quality of our DAO (which we cannot wait to show you all). Last, but certainly not least I want to thank our developers. They have been working hard building and testing applications and bridges on ours and other EVM compatible chains to ensure that everything is fully functional. Our senior developer Shadi is actually living in Turkey and he and his family have been through a lot over the past week or so, after the devastating Earthquakes over there, so I want to thank you for your dedication, doing as much as you can in the circumstances, despite those circumstances! The rest of the development team have stepped up and its been great to see such a diverse team pulling together in times like these.

CIC Chain is now integrated into thirdweb.com — Thirdweb is a development platform that provides a huge range of smart contracts and development tools that anybody can access for free. It’s a hub that takes a lot of the hard work out of the development process of new web3 applications and we hope that over time this will allow more users to come over and develop their applications on CIC Chain. This is a great step forwards for the project however is one of many similar integrations that we will be looking to complete in the near future, so please keep your eyes peeled for those! you can follow Thirdweb by clicking here or visit their platform at thirdweb.com — I highly recommen following them, to see how many partnerships they have and what they are planning for the future. It could make a lot of great opportunities for CIC Chain developers.

As well as the videos, the DAO UI upgrades and the thirdweb integration — CIC Labs have been discussing various blockchain EXPO events and we aim to try get one booked ASAP. We unfortunately missed out on the London event this month due to the spaces getting eaten up extremely fast and from this experience, we are going to move faster on the next one with more advanced planning. With proper planning we will be able to sponsor an event as well as attend and network with other companies — this is exciting for us an we really look forward to it.

So what’s next?

The CIC DAO, which we aptly named ‘Aegis et Concordia’ will be launching to the public on ‘X’

From this moment on, CIC takes its first step towards true decentralisation. We appreciate there have been complications and delays however I must inform you that the amount of people and the amount of hours that have gone into this thing are phenomenal. We have spent more time building this thing than we did on CIC in itself! It’s been a huge job, managed by smart contracts and many different scripts and integrations into the blockchain. After every change, the blockchain must be tested and then tested again to ensure it functions correctly and this has been extremely thorough. Our team have put 100s upon 100s of hours into the DAO and we will use this as a platform to enable you all to truly become a part of the future of this company and blockchain. This DAO truly is the only one of its kind, opening the door for us to potentially gain a lot of exposure and really put CIC on the map.

Whilst this may be the case, the DAO is just the start. During the next week we will hopefully have had a successful launch and de-brief. We will be commencing a competition which starts this Sunday (19th February) for Crazy NFT holders, where you all have one week to make the best original CIC meme/design. These designs will then be put to a vote and the winning design will be printed onto some CIC Merch, with copies of that going to the winner for free! If you haven’t got a Crazy NFT this is the perfect time to buy one and I would strongly recommend reaching out to Israr (Lol, sorry Israr) who bought up a lot of them before CIC launched. These competitions will be happening on a monthly basis from here on out!

This week coming, we will be launching our exclusive merch line, with many products and we will also be publishing a complete whitepaper update which we hope will be much better than the last one, with a better structure. Whilst this is happening, the tech team will be conducting thorough tests of each function on our token locker and Bridge, with the aim of conducting a couple of days public final tests the week after, before we launch them! We will figure out a day too, where we can organise and hold an AMA and we will finally get to work on Elitheum relaunch too (then start periodic buybacks).

In other news, the CIC Labs team have noticed there have been a lot of emotions running high across our social channels, so we are going to make a collective effort to improve our presence but in a more balanced way, a cross between where we are now and where we were before. Please be aware, that the reason for us taking a step back in the Telegram group is purely because it gives us much more time to actually work on the project, rather than just chatting. Whilst we do love to engage with you all, we realise that our priorities are to complete tasks and improve our infrastructure in order to streamline processes and make us a much more efficient company! These newsletters will be shared in our Telegram every two weeks, but will also be accompanied by any other announcements that we may have to make, so please ensure you’re paying attention to our social channels and if you’re ever in doubt — go to our website, where this medium account is linked (Meaning our articles will be published on the site).

The future is now, and we are excited to take you all with us as we explore and push the limits of utility with Crazy Internet Coin and our blockchain.

Thanks for reading, and thank you all for being a part of this journey — untill next time!




News, updates and everything else from CIC Chain, by CIC Labs

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CIC Chain

News, updates and everything else from CIC Chain, by CIC Labs