CICLabs Newsletter 5th March 2023

Hi everyone!
It’s Jared here, with some news and updates as promised.

Firstly, I want to re-cap on what we said we were doing in our last newsletter.

  • We successfully launched our governance DAO ‘Aegis et Concordia’ on Monday, February 20th. You can find our DAO by clicking here. We are working on providing clear technical documents for everybody to use, however, the DAO is pretty self-explanatory as we have made it as simple as physically possible on the front end. There are still a couple of minor tweaks to be made as expected, being that this is the first version to be released, but it functions exactly as it should and looks great. We are very proud to have been able to deliver the DAO to the public, which is the first and only true trustless governance DAO in existence.

What else was done?

We have implemented a new support ticket system, which will allow us to provide more personalized support to any users of our network. We have commenced UI updates for Wendex which give the DEX a complete facelift and honestly, it looks great. We have also released some new bots and functions to our Telegram community which make information more easily accessible and will also allow everyone to track announcements more clearly, in an automated fashion.

For all of the above, thank you to all of the amazing CICLabs team members who continually work hard to support us in achieving our goals. We always said we were progressive by nature, and I feel that we are demonstrating measurable progress on all different fronts on a weekly basis.

What’s next?

+I will be completing the fix for Elitheum and airdropping tokens to all holders. This week there will be some brief downtime while the switch is made, which means that there will be a brief period where you cannot trade Elitheum. This is needed to get a complete list of all token holders so that the new tokens can be sent out without any problems. We are unable to do this while trading is active!

+Along with the token fix, we will be updating the Elitheum website, and by the next newsletter, we hope to have both the Elitheum and WDT whitepapers done.

+We are going to be posting regular educational content across all of our social channels, which are more generalized for the blockchain space. This will start this coming week and continue indefinitely before we build our L2E platform.

+We are releasing our merchandise line, links will be shared in the coming days for this!

There’s a lot of work to be done, and we know that this can be frustrating at times, but this team is committed to the long-term success of our company and chain. We are in the final stages before our fundraising journey begins, so have been focusing on creating the perfect investment opportunity that factors in inflation, equity, and a revenue share model. Ultimately, our main objective is to make any investments as sustainable as possible and we will not have our heads turned by any amount of money, no matter how big.

A final thought

While I'm here, I just wanted to say once again a huge thank you to everybody involved in our journey, over the past 2 years. It has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster at times, but with perseverance and an undying desire to succeed, we are finally getting to a point where we can start to make some noise. The compound progress effect is in full swing, and we are now in the latter stages of ‘waiting around’ for CIC to finally start earning the publicity it so rightly deserves.

We are currently researching and comparing several marketing agencies, with the intention of beginning marketing in the coming quarter, which can help us take CIC Chain to the next level of adoption. This team is committed to keeping the circulating supply as low as possible, and this will be demonstrated when we extend the vesting period of our team coins, upon release of our locker. Now, let’s start making some waves!



News, updates and everything else from CIC Chain, by CIC Labs

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CIC Chain

News, updates and everything else from CIC Chain, by CIC Labs