Tying a bit of business to the US Election

I normally don't post political thoughts and this isn't about someone being better than the other. I typically just post about technology, and I actually have very little interest in politics. However, I can't wrap my head around why we don't apply our knowledge from business, to US presidential candidates.

For example, if Donald or Hilary were employees at a company, I truly don't think we would be applauding, condoning their behaviours, or looking to "promote" them. As a leader, you would never look to promote (nominate) someone if they constantly put their peers down, made statements that were offensive to a large majority of the companies employees, or for misusing company tools. Yet as a country, we are dividing ourselves to promote someone like this to basically be the CEO of our country.

I know that just like in a business, there isn't going to be a leader that everyone is happy with. However, you would think we would at least want a leader who cares about all of the employees, who is trust worthy, who respects their peers, and has a strong acumen for the business they are going to lead.

Again, I don't care which candidate you are leaning towards. I have my own opinions on that and I'll keep them to myself. These are simply my thoughts on the elections, and a thought that maybe it's time we rethink how we do things.

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