Hello, my name is Cicero Cipriano Maciel. I am 14 years old and i live in the rural zone of a small town called Porto Firme. I really like to study natural sciences and to play basketball and volleyball. And most importantly, i really like video games and how they are made. That's why i decided to learn how to program.

My first challenge was to actually find a simple language to learn. But this part was easy. My dad is a professional in the programming area, so he introduced me to Python. And since i like video games, he showed me the Pygame library. I found it pretty interesting so i downloaded this book: http://inventwithpython.com/pygame.

But after start reading it, i saw that the book was for people that already knows the basics of Python. So i searched for another book. And i found this book: http://inventwithpython.com. So i'm going to read it.