TARGET Should Not Be Allowed At Colleges

See how one of the biggest retailers in the US is shooting itself in the foot.

Schools are launch pads to get students creative careers started and I acknowledge that my school does an outstanding job at it. There is nothing wrong with that and I’m grateful for the effort. What’s wrong is that my school allows companies like Target to interview and recruit ONLY American students. One of the first questions that Target asks you in an interview is if you require work-visa sponsorship and if you answer yes, that’s the end of the interview. This is discrimination. If the school was 100% American students, fine! but the percentage of international students in my school is 15% (and the number is growing).

One of the reasons why international students come to the US is not only to earn a degree, but also to seek for job opportunities. We, international students, have the right to legally work in the States and our nationality should not be an impediment to have the chance for an interview.

When companies come to recruit candidates, they must be open to international and american students because this is what schools are made of! It would not be fair that schools only allow american students to grow professionally, but what about the rest of us?

2013 set a record high for the number of international students in college campuses across the United States and experts have stated that this trend will continue to grow, according to USNEWS. The average of international students at an American college can range from 10% to 30%.

International students are as valuable as any other students and schools should not hinder us by bringing selective companies like Target because we deserve to be successful too!

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