Dapper Dan & Gucci: What Their Collaboration Confirmed

Last week something pretty darn cool happened. The fashion brand Gucci decided to join forces with Dapper Dan. Dapper Dan is an iconic Fashion designer from Harlem. In the 80’s if you were black and somewhat rich you went to Dapper Dan for the latest fashions, handbags, and custom pieces that you wouldn’t find in the stores. He was creating pieces that luxury brands weren’t making and the culture loved it. In 1989 Dan created a one of a kind design that featured a mink coat with Louis Vuitton “like” fabric puffed sleeves. Well, Gucci recreated the design this year and I guess they thought followers of the culture wouldn’t recognize it. Wrong! The culture went into an uproar. The power of the internet and the creativeness of Dan led Gucci executives right to his couch. The result is a partnership with him to re-open his store and some of the other details have not been disclosed.

After thinking about this collaboration for a week there are 3 things that have been confirmed for me. These are things I knew already but it never hurts to be reminded of the REAL possibilites in life.

I Can Ride My Own Wave — We hear it all the time, just be you and everything else will take care of it itself. Easy to say but sometimes the world we live in sends a different message. I’ve finally understood that being different from everyone else is okay. It’s taken me a LONG time to embrace this concept in multiple areas of my life but I’m finally riding my own wave. I’ve accepted that I’m not like every other woman, writer, or creative person out there. For a while I tried to be and it did nothing but make me miserable. I’m sure people didn’t like or understand what Dan was doing at the beginning and now look. He’s still riding his wave and I’m sure he will continue to until he leaves the earth. Ride your own wave. Everyone will not like or understand what you’re doing but ride your own wave.

If You Love It Enough You’ll NEVER Quit — So I forgot to mention that Dapper Dan’s store was open from 1982–1992. The store closed, he was sued by the big name designers, and he still didn’t stop designing. Dapper Dan loved what he was doing SO much that it’s clear quitting has never been an option. What’s that one thing you’ll keep doing no matter what ? For me it’s creating. I’ll NEVER stop creating. If I can’t create I don’t feel alive that’s how vital it is for me. Figure out that one thing you love so much that you can’t imagine yourself not doing it.

Nothing Is Impossible — This story once again proves that NOTHING is impossible. The dreams we have and the things we want to achieve are possible !!! If that doesn’t get you excited then you need to spend more time reading and studying the stories of people like Dapper Dan. People who have been faced with obstacles that on paper look impossible. I can tell you from experience sometimes I look at my list of goals and dreams and I get scared. That’s how BIG my dreams are. I’ll tell you a few of them that seem impossible for someone like me. Become a minority owner of an NBA team and I plan to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy all using my skills in writing. Those two alone always make me flinch. It’s not impossible, I refuse to believe that I can’t achieve these goals. Don’t be afraid to have that dream or that goal that makes someone looks at you like you’re crazy.

There Really Aren’t Any Shortcuts — Greatness takes time. Enjoy the process. Two things that have been hammered into my brain. For some strange reason there was still a small piece of me that thought maybe somewhere there was a shortcut. A backdoor to slip through, a window to climb through, something. This story and countless others prove that there isn’t. Most people who seem like “overnight” success stories have been working for years on their respective crafts. From this day forward I vow to really embrace and enjoy the process. This road to obtain my personal freedom will not be an easy one but it will be one that I conquer. I’ll do it by riding my own wave, NEVER quitting, and enjoying the process.

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