Fear of The Unknown

The only real fear you have .

The fear of the unknown is probably the greatest fear we can have. Sure people always say you control your life. You control your own destiny. We hear it all the time but not knowing what lies ahead is scary.

Not knowing who’s going to die and when. Not knowing what opportunities will come if any. Not knowing whether you’ll make your dreams come true or if you’ll wake up in 10 years and be REGULAR. The unknown. A real fear that used to consume my mind day in and day out.

A real fear that still tries to creep in from time to time. But I learned how to fight the unknown with my buddy FAITH.

FAITH is the real deal if you didn’t know. Real FAITH allows you to take any situation that you’re in and help you understand that it’s helping you not hurting you. Real FAITH allows you to have joy because you know that what you’re going through now is to set you up for what’s to come later. Real FAITH is when you don’t look like what you’re going through because you understand it’s temporary. That’s why FAITH is the REAL DEAL.

It keeps me grounded it keeps me sane. Keeps me hopeful which is very important. I know you have some fear of the unknown. Things are probably real bad for you right now. It’s possibly the worst it’s ever been and you can’t even see a peek of light in that dark tunnel you’re walking through called life.

Let FAITH enter in and help you through the tunnel. With the right amount of FAITH you’ll wake up one day and realize the sun is shining bright and the tunnel is no longer dark. Then you’ll look back on that dark tunnel season and realize how hard you fought to get out of it. It won’t always be like this but to get out of the tunnel you have to get some FAITH.

2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith not by sight.”