Aziz Ansari is one of my favorite comedians. I’ve been following him off and on since his days on Human Giant, a hysterical show involving Aziz, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer doing mini-skits for 20 minutes. I loved the show, and I love that all of their careers have taken off.

Back to Aziz, though. The reason I love his stand-up and his new show on Netflix, Master of None, is because it touches on every day occurrences that we all observe, but also shows that all of us are unique and have different friends, parents, lifestyles, etc. He doesn’t have too many crazy things happen to him or do funny impressions of other celebrities — he just goes through every day life and shows what he observes. It reminds me a bit of Larry David & Curb Your Enthusiasm, but instead of being a rich prick (Larry David’s own words on SNL) with OCD-like behavior, he exposes the behaviors we all are victim to, from being late to the airport because our Waze app said it would only take 25 minutes to freaking out because someone we like won’t text us back ASAP. This is all blended with situations unique to Aziz’s life, creating a nice balance of “Oh that happens to me ALL OF THE TIME” to “Man, what a different world that guy lives in”. His standup is very similar, just talking about his observations in the world, but doing so with a funny touch.

I could rave about Aziz for this entire post, but I figured at some point, I should talk about why I’m even writing this in the first place. Well, like Aziz, we all observe life. Sometimes, we’re in the middle of the situation we’re observing: meeting at work, fender bender, sporting event, etc. Sometimes, we’re told stories from friends and colleagues and make our own observations from that. Sometimes, we observe situations unfold from afar, from a coffee shop or bar stool. We are always observing, though.

The point of this blog will be mainly to have a weekly recap on observations from the past week. These will be situations we can all relate to and hopefully spark some conversation: what could I have done differently, what challenges can I pose to myself/all of us, why do you think that situation progressed that way, etc. Some will be funny, others will be sad. Some will be actual observations I’ve witnessed, others will be general trends/changes I’m experiencing. I’m excited to share some observations that we probably all have and learn from you who care to join me in this journey. I’ll try to have a regular cadence — I’ll post one on Tuesday next week in celebration of President’s Day, but I’ll try to stick to a Monday release date. Talk soon!

PS. Thanks to Miles Osgood for proofing this post — you’re the man!