Chalkboard One Line Poetry prompt for October 7th, 2020

Photo by Lakeisha Bennett on Unsplash

Soft centre
Inside a shell, hard petals
Hold fast — a heart could be forgiven
For starting outside
Itself, waking
With the wild wind, unfurling
Solace, serenity.

Your Turn

THEME: Bloom

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Thank you, Kathy and Harper for looking after the wonderful world of Chalkboard for us all ❤

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Careful parts, your self
Made from colour, vigour

Cut down, cowed, made quiet
I see, your heart has been hidden — incise

Even this, fissures will sing
New notes, new symphony.

Thank you, michael.trent, for this great One Line poetry prompt! And thank you Kathy & Harper for running this wonderful writing challenge over on Chalkboard. Do come and play along!

Photo by Michel Catalisano on Unsplash

Nightly, at last gasp
Of day, a young winged thing

Sings out, seeks
Colour, dying in clouds

The dry air rattles
Back, blue shadow songs.

Thank you, Richard L. Boyer, for this lovely One Line poetry prompt over on Chalkboard. Thanks also to Kathy & Harper for all your hard work!

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Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Most mortifying, glass
Eyes – unclear clouds
Gather, refracting thoughts
Across a grey surface,
The land of misunderstanding.

Thank you, Kyle Nielson, for this One Line poetry prompt! And thank you, Kathy & Harper for all your hard work at Chalkboard!

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Photo by Robin Vet on Unsplash

Before me, at toe-edge,
Rolls the last of the line
Before deluge —
Ice cold, born of ancient glaciers
And the last fall
Of snow— unveiled,
Our breach, our forgetfulness.

Thank you, antoinette nevitt, for this One Line poetry prompt!

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Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Milled moments cascade
Apart, between,

Together, again
Seeping through the downy clouds

And lighting sparks
Between hands.

Thank you, Dermott Hayes, for this One Line poetry prompt over on Chalkboard! Come and play along?

#30DaysWildCreativity Day 1 : Loved and hated plants.

(image source)

White trumpets, beautiful phonographs, flaring —
Singing, their scent a censure,

Throwing out their beauty, bewitching. So convincingly say
Stay. Let us speak for you.

Their spells
Triumph — soft jewels

Glint, distractions from insidious roots.

Those near, those that may have sought new air
Lie wrapped

Under their care,
Covered, caressed, grim-fingered.

I unwind from bound branches
Decades of grasping, green

Ropes uncurling, giving up their ghosts.

#30DaysWildCreativity Day 1 : Loved and hated plants.

A writing/art prompt series by Miriam Darlington

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Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

Sounds roll around
Unrepentant mouths, they seek

Your despair – send it to the earth
And feel rough courage

Race, root and transform
As comfort rises

Steady, an anchor, holding fast.

Thank you, Kathy Jacobs, for this One Line poetry prompt! ❤

Photo by Austin Human on Unsplash

The last loosening
Of stars,

Here they land —
Laced with some wickedness —

Hopes that burn.

Thank you, Yennie Jun, for this One Line poetry prompt over on Chalkboard! PS. Thank you, Kathy Jacobs & Harper Thorpe for all your hard work ❤

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