CEO of CryptoPunks Hall of Fame, Dec 2021 — Apr 2023

The Cigarettes Token
6 min readMay 8, 2023

The “CEO of CryptoPunks” is an NFT that’s always for sale on

It can be purchased by anybody using the contract’s native currency, “Cigarettes” (CIG).

Whoever buys it can nominate a CryptoPunk to be a CEO, and set a graffiti message. Here is a log of the CEO’s.

Punk #5577, was the first ever punk to hold the CEO title.

The punk was owned by @straybits1 on Twitter

at the time. Message: “As CEO I declare Dec 21 Punk Day”

Paid: 50,000 $CIG

Date: Dec-22–2021 09:57:55 AM +UTC

Punk #835, was the 2nd punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: @azuma_bitcoin on Twitter

Message: “@azuma_bitcoin

Paid: 1,000,000 $CIG Date: Dec-22–2021 08:01:36 PM +UTC

Punk #2042, was the 3rd punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: @cyounessi1 on Twitter

Message: “First punks token” Paid: 3,000,000 $CIG Date: Dec-27–2021 03:57:49 PM +UTC

Punk #6686, was the 4th punk to hold the CEO title.

(and also the 1st punk of the new contract, since The Migration)

Owned by: @DolAtoR on Twitter

Message: “Join the Factory! → PunksCEO” Paid: 0.000001 $CIG Date: Feb-11–2022 01:54:43 PM +UTC

Punk #3934, is the 5th punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: @cryptopunkart on Twitter

Message: “ART is Utility Stooopid…” Paid: 1,000,000 $CIG Date: May-05–2022 01:05:14 AM +UTC

Punk #2317, is the 6th punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: unknown?

Message: “Even BURNED, Punks still Rule” Paid: 3,000,000 $CIG Date: Jul-31–2022 11:57:54 PM +UTC

Address: 0x1469562bbd2ec530018811750D7CF49c34C3032E
Notes: Ruled until Nov-13–2022 01:42:59 PM +UTC, defaulting on their tax obligations. The first punk to increase the issuance to a maximum of 1000 per block, and held it there for the duration of their reign. Set the take-over price to 20 million Cigarettes on August 24th, paying tax of 20k Cigarettes daily. This CEO did not engage with the community and kept silent through their term. The punk they used was also a burned punked, the address controlling the CEO title did not actually own this punk.

Punk #9527, is the 7th punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: maxwellx.eth (@punk9527 on Twitter)
Message: “In Punks We Trust.”
Paid: 14,000,000 $CIG
Date: Nov-15–2022 06:40:47 AM +UTC

Address: 0x1469562bbd2ec530018811750D7CF49c34C3032E
Notes: The first punk with a Cigarette trait to become the CEO! Set the take-over price to 10 million CIG. Drafted the initial terms of the CryptoPunks constitution

Punk #7407, is the 8th punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: Phantom Scribbs (@phantom_scribbs on Twitter)
Message: “Privacy is necessary…”
Paid: 1,000,000 $CIG
Date: Dec-03–2022 05:38:23 PM +UTC
Address: 0x70399b85054dd1d94f2264aFc8704a3ee308ABAf

Notes: The first punk with a beanie to become the CEO. Initial take-over price set to 2 million CIG.

Punk #3138, is the 9th punk to hold the CEO title.

Owned by: CryptoPunks CE (@cryptopunks_ce on Twitter)
Message: “”
Paid: 2,000,000 $CIG
Date: Dec-10–2022 03:08:11 AM +UTC
Address: cryptopunks.eth

Notes: Set the take-over price to 5 mil CIG, and prepaid 6,270,000 CIG in taxes. Made the following announcment on Twitter

Punk #8716, is the 10th punk to hold the CEO title

Owned by: The CEO title was bought and held by “godsavethegoat” on Twitter, who nominated the punk since he doesn’t own a punk. The punk’s owner is tycoon.eth
Message: “LET PUNK LEAD”
Paid: 5,000,000 $CIG
Date: Feb-01–2023 11:54:59 AM +UTC
Address: godsavedagoat.eth

The nominated punk

Notes: During his reign, godsavedagoat cleaned up and re-organized the Discord server and bought it back to life. He never missed a gm in the morning. The most important achievement was that he took the Factory under control and bought the issuance rate down to 42 CIG per block.

Punk #8515, is the 11th punk to hold the CEO title

Owned by: barcellapunk on Twitter
Message: “GM — Let’s get stoned punks”
Paid: 4,000,000 $CIG
Date: Mar-09–2023 03:54:59 AM +UTC
Address: barcella.eth

Notes: The first hooded punk to hold the CEO. Barcella hit the ground running, organizing a NFT giveaway for CIG holders who also joined the Discord. When it came to governing the issuance, Barcella reversed the policy of the previous CEO and increased the issuance by 20%, leaving the annual inflation at 5.77%. Barcella wanted to increase it more, however some of the top CIG holders lobbied for the issuance not be increased, for which Barcella used his discretion. Barcella appeared as a Cig Token spokesman on Twitter Spaces, forged a relationship with the Forever Punks marketplace, and also appeared on the PunkCast, talking about CIG vs APE. In all, a very active and dedicated CEO, much liked by the community, he left behind a strong legacy.

Punk #3138, is the 12th CEO, and 1st to hold it twice!

Owned by: cryptopunks.eth
Message: “”
Paid: 5,069,420 $CIG
Date: Apr-22–2023 05:05:35 AM +UTC
Address: cryptopunks.eth

During the term, the CEO was busy developing the marketplace, a new marketplace for the punks.

The CEO lowered the rewards once to 32.4 CIG per block. Before the end of the term, the CEO increased the take-over price to 10 million CIG.

Punk #3900, is the 13th CEO, and the shortest reign in history

Owned by: 0x696ed7b26f4b019ceec78dc8b9140ad64a6f354b (
Paid: 8,000,000 $CIG
Date: May-29–2023 12:51:59 PM +UTC
Address: beautifulnfts.eth

Ruled for less than 1 hour! The takeover price was set to 8,500,000 CIG. There was no graffiti message set here.
What happened was that the CEO’s punk, 3138, was sold. So, the CEO wanted to swap the punk to #7209, a new punk acquired by the cryptopunks.eth market. However, the only way to swap the punk is to buy the CEO title. Since you cannot buy the CEO title from your own address, another address needs to buy it first, and CEO 13 is the result of this transaction.

Punk #7209, is the 14th CEO, and 2nd crazy hair punk with 3d glass to hold the title!

Owned by: cryptopunks.eth
Message: “”
Paid: 8,500,000 $CIG
Date: May-29–2023 01:44:47 PM +UTC
Address: cryptopunks.eth
Takeover price: 10,000,000 CIG
Tax prepaid: 1,000,000 CIG