Cigarette Token — statement of locked liquidity

This is a statement to say that the deployer of the Cigarettes Token contract has permanently locked 72,159 SLP tokens inside this contract 0xaeD1117F9C01672646964d093643F8974Bb752B4

At the time, this was roughly 40% share of all liquidity. That’s around 300 million $CIG, and 17 ETH. (72,159 SLP tokens). About $56k USD value on the day of transfer.

The above contract has a deposit function, but it doesn’t have any possibility of withdrawal. In other words, the liquidity tokens cannot be removed from the pool, i.e. “rugged”. However, the contract is still able stake the tokens in the “Cigarette Factory” and the deployer can harvest any accrued rewards. Furthermore, the contract contains a “stipends” feature which will allow the deployer to change the address where the harvested rewards are being directed.

Details of the transactions.

Tx 1, the test…

TX 2, the rest…