Let’s make this a productive year.

Does anybody really know what the most productive year of their lives was? I do. It was 2013–2014 where we worked on building Peopleapps from scratch. We had our cuts and bruises but that was such a great year. I felt that I had a rhythm, I had to work on multiple things like college, and it felt good. I released a game on the App Store, I also started writing a novel. I also wrote lyrics for 8 albums, and some music.

Now I’m not saying 2015 and 2016 were lost years. I worked for Cloudone, which gave me some experience on working for clients, I did an MSc. on International Management where I had to learn a lot of the basics of management, finance and economics, marketing… But I had procrastinated on my side projects. I did not write much music, I did not write a lot of lyrics. I abandoned a 60% done game to itself. I couldn’t find the time honestly, but I know in my heart that I could have.

Now 2017 comes with all kinds of resolutions. I want 2017 to be the most productive year of my life. I have a game plan. I will look for some work in US, I will rewrite the abandoned game in Swift. (Oh I need to relearn Swift and iOS10 practices, I forgot a lot of things and a lot of things changed. Got myself a book on that). To try and not forget my web development skills, I’ll probably build a self sustaining side project website. I’m currently looking for ideas.

I have recorded 55+ mins of music, one of which is 32 minutes long. Abstract Sun, my album, finally will get its release this year. It’s being mixed and mastered, and I’m doing the artwork for it. I need to learn the copyright issues and how publishing companies really work. Fortunately, I’ve got friends who know this stuff.

I will continue my novel. It’s been 100+ pages. Bridge across forever is a novel about a devout Christian Wall Street broker who finds himself in an abyss of emotions and gets to embrace a cult. It’s a weird concept. I hope to finish it this year.

I’m also big on goodreads. My reading challenge for this year is 90 books. It’s a big number. I’ve read 11 this month though, average 250 pgs. each book. Not bad. Will need to read the books I always looked forward to read.

And as always, for we need failed resolutions. Me typing stuff on Medium regularly will probably be my failed resolution.

I will get my second master’s degree this May. After that, who knows. But I need to make this a productive year for my standards.

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