The uncanny story of a boy and girl

Cihan Köseoğlu
May 12, 2017 · 4 min read

Hemen her gun, yeni bir siir/sarki paylasiyor olacagim, elimde yaklasik 120–130 tane beste/siir oldu, artik paylasmak farz oldu. :)

I will be sharing a new poem/song every other day. I have about 120–130 songs/poems, I feel obligated to share them. :)

The uncanny story of a boy and a girl

So close
For now
A love, so sublime
Of two souls, weak and unbound
Scared to be torn apart

As I await
By the enchanted forest
You lay, awake
Naked and confronted
A love, unborn
Of two souls, awaiting their demise
They won’t realize

He wants no one
No one but her light
Waits by the heart shaped pool
He brings himself
On the edge of the mountain
His sanity fades
Long been forgotten

She has, someone
A friend as a lover
She lives with the scars
Left by the others
She can’t, forgive
Herself for no reason
Scared, to death
She never approaches

When life, begins
Wisps fade as promised
The night collects
Tributes as promised
The boy, awaits
The time for his happiness
The day, never comes
He drowns in his sorrows

The girl never, though she was worthy
She was blinded, by ther own dishonesty
She never knew, how much she hurts him
Moonlight would never shine on their fortress
For he was gone, he left all his sadness

He crosses oceans, to find what he looks for
Always looks behind, to see her emotions
The girl, oblivious, could never see him
Her blindess was what wrecked these uncanny lovers
She hold on to her friend, for another night of sin
For she was late to a love she would never know

And he has left, the pier is in distance
To a land he will never return
As he said goodbye to the girl’s picture
He will carry on
But what was lost was lost
And the forest was forgotten
The gates were all closed
And all he could see were clouds

The uncanny end of a boy and a girl

An enigmatic day was born without the sun
As people started to grasp their loved ones
For another one approaches
Through the streets of darkness
Covered with envious pride
The fear he had felt in his heart
Was too real to disguise
His friends have long abandoned his lost cause

But he waited
And waited
For her return

And he knew she was nowhere to be found
And she was only agony
And her will was to only hurt him
But he had returned to see her once more

But she was nowhere to be found
Some said she took her own life
In the taverns of Dover
And the brothels of Glasgow
She was only alive
But her vessel lost its soul
And she walked lifelessly
She forgot what it was like to be loved
And she had long forgotten him
As he mattered not much for her
Just a distant memory, deep in her mind, her purgatory

He tried everything
To find a trace of her existence
He was not doubtful
And nothing could have stopped him
For his love was pure
And his love was forever
He asked about her to the beggars and thieves
To con men, to a secret police
No avail
She was only a ghost

She dragged herself to a street corner
Her feet bruised, unable to carry her
She knew she lost the game of life
She was one step closer to end herself
To embark on a sinking ship
To fly with no wings

And that is when he saw a glow
In a mile, he’s seen the forest regrow
He ran as fast as he could
And he had completed his improbable quest
He had seen those blue eyes again

He held her strongly
He smelled her once beautiful hair
He was finally free of fear and sorrow
But he did not know
That, she did not know
Who he was

For her memory was long gone
He had ceased to exist in her mind
A savior she never knew she had
Oh, how sad it was
But she was always blind
She never opened her eyes
She never knew who he really was
And now she was meant to be left alone
He wanted her soul, more than anything
But all she was, a lifeless wench
Meant to be dead
And may God give peace to her for once
Shen she sees the pearly gates
Maybe then he would meet her again
Not in this lifetime, they were not meant for this lifetime
But maybe the next one

And all he wanted as she let go his hand
Was her to remember him
Not in this lifetime
But maybe the next one

But we all know it would never be
Cause she was not worthy
And he was always held captive
How a sad tale for him
As his endless love for a girl
Is not even a cricket in the bushes
Not even a beetle in sand dunes
And all she ever was

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