Why I didn’t care about graduation

Today was my graduation, from University of South Carolina — Darla Moore School of Business, Master of International Business program. The program was quite good, not as good as I expected to be honest, but still good. It has a good reputation and is ranked #1 in IB programs in the nation. I’ve had a pretty rough first semester, and a not-so-rough second semester, the latter I’ll talk about in detail.

Today was my graduation, and I did not go to my hooding ceremony, as a matter of fact I was the only who did not go to the ceremony apparently. I’ve heard that it was long. I didn’t even rent robes. So the question is why?

This being the business school


The first semester, although I have a very ENTJ personality, I had a hard time making friends, simply because I didn’t find any fascinating people at first. Sure I made a couple friends, but overall, the people, especially the exchange people were just very, very regular people. The second semester, it was a bit more alright. I am a very cynical person, but my friends here love me nevertheless, and I love them. But, it took time. Me not finding love at first sight in friendship was a major reason for me to not care.

Academic Enthusiasm

Last year at Koc, I was doing a Master’s in International Management, and I really, really loved every single class I took there. First of all, it was all very new to me, I was enthusiastic about learning more about management, finance, business, economics, marketing, simply put, everything. We had amazing teachers, it was a blast.

This year however, the curriculum was a bit different compared to last year. Because of a last-minute change in course requirements (could be last-minute or not, I’m not sure, but it definitely was not there when I enrolled) we had to take elective International Affairs classes, which were at best, not interesting for me and for my studies. I wanted to take more business/mgmt and finance related courses but I couldn’t. Instead, I had to take an introduction to IR class, and an Econ Development class on institutions and regulations and public policies, which was horrifyingly boring. Because of time slots, I had to take an International Entrepreneurship class, and while the class wasn’t bad, I learned zero new things, I already knew all this stuff.

One side note would be, me taking two classes on Media and Foreign Policy in the Middle East. While this class doesn’t really belong in what I wanted to study, it gave me a perspective on how complicated the region is, and we live right beside it. I had one of the best professors of my life, Josef Olmert, and thank you professor for everything.

Still though if we look at the overall image, this year, in retrospect, I didn’t need this year. I didn’t learn much. I wouldn’t call it a waste of time because it comes with a pretty good degree and I had full scholarship so I didn’t pay a dime, but I could have done something better with my life.

Columbia, SC

It’s not a secret that I didn’t like this city. Sure I can live here, but it really depressed me, especially the first semester. I wrote a 30+ minutes long song about how I didn’t like it here and how it made me depressed. My album Abstract Sun will hopefully be in Spotify and Apple Music later this month. You can check it out.

I also didn’t like the people here. Everyone is too nice. The southern hospitality is not a myth, but everyone feels so disillusioned.

Not finding time for own projects

Following the theme of wasting time, although the second semester was not rough, there was just so much coursework to be done and I couldn’t find time for my own projects. The first semester, being depressed made me write and record an entire album but I couldn’t find time to mix it in the second semester.

I also didn’t really code much, did couple web projects for myself, learned a good deal of Sketch. I still haven’t been able to touch and add stuff to my iOS game.

Not finding time for personal projects was pretty much a major reason for me to stop caring about school. In my opinion, it’s been too damn long. I don’t want the classroom anymore, I miss working.

Conclusion and life after

Well if we factor in all these above, I couldn’t make myself go through the hassle of getting a robe going to the ceremony, waiting for boring speeches, yada yada yada. I woke up, and instead worked on music while my friends were in their regalia. I also am going through food poisoning, what comes in, goes out the same way.

Life after is something I’m excited about. I applied for OPT, I am hoping to get a job in a major consulting or a great tech firm as a bizdev person (because of a business school OPT, can’t work as a software developer) and since the work permit is for only a year, an MNC would make great sense, so I can transfer to overseas. I’m going to spend May and June looking for jobs. I’m going to Boston and then to NYC in two weeks, very exciting. I turned 25 a couple of days ago, now I’m closer to 30 than 20.

I am working on my art almost everyday, still writing new lyrics and music, trying to come up with the best mix&mastering for my album (I’m a perfectionist, and perfect is a skinned knee). Me and a couple of my friends, we are working on a new iOS project, which is going to keep me sane at least, very excited about it. With so much free time until late July, I am going to wreck my goodreads list.

That’s it for now folks. Take care!

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