Lately for a technical interview I practiced a lot of Python. Before all this, I used Python for numerous mini projects. I wrote a web scraper with BeautifulSoup, I wrote couple Twitter bots for automation and did some network programming.

But the language really shined for me when I ‘had’ to practice data structures and algorithms.


When I first took data structures and algorithms class, I hated that we had to do it in Java. Couple reasons for this.

  • So many…

Sometimes there are great benefits of being a solo programmer. When you are working with someone or with a team, it’s a great way to learn from your peers, however, when you are flying solo and you have your own product, you can own it however you want. Here’s a very silly and funny!! example.

The conditional logic is wrong, fixed it afterwards, also other errors, nevermind, it looks terrible, that’s the point

I have a Coin mechanism in my app. The user either gets coins or pays a little more and get unlimited downloads (or coins — however you wanna put it) The great thing about these lines of code is, it looks very amateur. …

Pure silence
In my cave of nature
I hear the train passing by in the distance
Without a single reason to stop
All I see are man made lights
Corrupting the land as always
But it helps me
It helps me to see where I am
It helps me to see who comes through the gate
Every night as I wait
Sitting on the same bench
Writing the same old thing in different ways
And as I wait for you
For you to see me here
Alone with the marionette
Turning my head sideways to the gate
Almost every second of every minute
To see who comes through the…

Karakoy, Istanbul. 2012.

The angel should wake me
I’ll be gone, never to be seen again
And the lights will fall
The waves will come to peace
The leaves will fall to the ground
Only to give life again

I never want to be found
I’ll read the book once more
While the sun stops shining
Another day has gone
And shadows will remain
Consuming us all

All we have in life
Is each other, she said
I did not know better
All we have in life
Is our love, she said
I made a big mistake

All I have now
Are random acts of kindness
By random strangers
Trying to hold me together

Hemen her gun, yeni bir siir/sarki paylasiyor olacagim, elimde yaklasik 120–130 tane beste/siir oldu, artik paylasmak farz oldu. :)

I will be sharing a new poem/song every other day. I have about 120–130 songs/poems, I feel obligated to share them. :)

The uncanny story of a boy and a girl

So close
For now
A love, so sublime
Of two souls, weak and unbound
Scared to be torn apart

As I await
By the enchanted forest
You lay, awake
Naked and confronted
A love, unborn
Of two souls, awaiting their demise
They won’t realize

He wants no one
No one but her light
Waits by the heart shaped pool
He brings himself

Well, Goodreads is going fine and dandy. The impossibru reading challenge I’ve set upon meself in the beginning of this year was 90 books. I will read 90 books this year. It means roughly reading and finishing a book every 4 days. Here’s my profile.

While it seems unlikely, it’s actually pretty easy. I just finished Angus Croll’s If Hemingway wrote JavaScript. It’s 196 pages, but it takes about an hour to read it, because it was a pretty easy book, and almost half of it was code, so it’s pretty easy. It was a fun book too.

Now, I’ve…

Does anybody really know what the most productive year of their lives was? I do. It was 2013–2014 where we worked on building Peopleapps from scratch. We had our cuts and bruises but that was such a great year. I felt that I had a rhythm, I had to work on multiple things like college, and it felt good. I released a game on the App Store, I also started writing a novel. I also wrote lyrics for 8 albums, and some music.

Now I’m not saying 2015 and 2016 were lost years. I worked for Cloudone, which gave me…

Koç Üniversitesi’nde International Management alanında yaptığımız yüksek lisans programının ardından, Doğutan’la beraber Double Degree programı ile ikinci bir yüksek lisans diploması almak amacıyla tam burslu olarak University of South Carolina Master’s in International Business programına girmiş bulunduk. Toplam bir yıl boyunca Columbia, South Carolina’da olacağız. Bilen var bilmeyen var, özetini geçmiş olduk.

Yolculuk pek güzel başlamıştı

Yolculuk gerçekten de pek güzel başlamıştı. 7 Ağustos Pazar günü 14:00'teki uçağımız için 10:30 gibi havalimanına geldik. Aile ve arkadaşlarla ağladıktan sonra pasaport kontrolden geçtik, duty free alışverişimizi yaptık, lounge’a girdik, bir şeyler yiyip içtikten sonra İstanbul-Atlanta uçağımıza geldik.

Ekonomi ve Business arasındaki fiyat farkı 15% falan olunca…

Like it or not, LinkedIn is the de facto social network for business professionals. Yes, occasionally people who run $50m. family businesses share pictures of lilies and horses in the wild as if it’s Facebook, but you learned to turn a blind eye on them in your feed.

Strictly financially speaking, MSFT buying LNKD for $26.2bn. is an overpay. The company shares were above $200, however after a revenue forecast that fell far short of expectations in February 2016, the company shares dropped almost 50% to about $110. According to this document shared by Microsoft, Each share will be bought…

So I saw Milligram, and I liked it very much, especially the CSS Flexbox system, which I did not really have that much experience with. So I decided to code up my own SCSS framework. I like minimalist designs. I also like black, white and gray very, very much. I believe it’s possible to make enough contrast for your UI and UX with just black, white, and shades of gray.

The result is Shades. It’s an SCSS framework. It’s very, very tiny. It’s also something that I’m proud of, because I can actually use it in my future projects.

I know. A man is only a man when he is a man sounds weird and homophobic.


Cihan Köseoğlu

I write code, design things, and play guitar.

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