#Futures50: ‘I am always asked, why housing?’

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Oct 14 · 3 min read

Happy Monday #FuturesFam — it’s time for another belter #Futures50. This week it’s Shannon Maidment who shares her reasons for working in Housing and gives a subtle nudge to a bit of pre-Christmas community planning!

We hope you enjoy this read, full of passion for the community, so please let us know what you think in the usual way team!

You can follow Shannon on Twitter @ShannonMaidment

I knew I wanted a career where I felt I was making a difference, and which also incorporated my A Level studies of Law and Policy. Following an open day at University, I immediately knew I found that in the course ‘Housing Policy and Practice’ at Cardiff Metropolitan. At the time of enrolment at the age of 18, I was aware of a housing crisis and several welfare reforms but did not realise just how passionate I would later be in this field.

Fast forward 2 years, I was in my final year and was offered a 6-month internship with Trivallis through a Santander scheme. My role was in Responsible Business and Policy and it was also my first experience working in a Housing Association. Here I realised just how big the sector was and the many departments that sit within housing. I gained more confidence, made connections and put my learning into practice.

Once graduated and receiving Chartered Membership to the Chartered Institute of Housing, I moved to Newydd Housing within Community Regeneration (where I still am today, 2 years later!). I have been involved in several community projects which I have been very proud of, such as our first Christmas Hamper Campaign which I blogged here: http://inviewblog.newydd.co.uk/2019/01/operation-christmas-hamper/

Shannon works for Newydd

Over the years I have also shadowed and helped in other departments where there has been a lack of resources such as Housing and Marketing.

Sometimes a passion for Housing means facing the elements

As I have grown with the role, I have taken on the responsibility of the organisations’ Community Benefits; working with both development and planned maintenance contractors to ensure we are getting, as the name suggests, the most from the contract to benefit the local community! This includes work opportunities and cash donations towards community projects. More recently, I have also been heavily involved in a Physical Regeneration scheme which consisted of several community consultations, home visits and liasing with contractors and other departments.

I have found an interest and passion in the delivery of affordable homes for those in need and I continue to gain experience with our Development team through the delivery of Community Benefits.

Passion for people & the community is central to Shannons career in Housing

This has been a very brief overview of my career in Housing so far, and the message I’m trying to get across is as a young professional — immerse yourself in every opportunity that arises as it gets you incrementally closer to whatever interests you!

Shannon Maidment

Twitter: @ShannonMaidment

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