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Nov 11 · 3 min read

This week’s #Futures50 comes from Katy Sinnett-Jones, Executive Support Assistant at Tai Ceredigion. Finding a place in the housing sector is something that connects many of our stories, here Katy tells her journey:

Hi I’m Katy, I’m 30 and mother to two boys and happily married. I’ve been working in housing for the last 11 years. I finished school in 2008 with three A Levels and all through my last year I couldn’t decide if university was for me or to go straight into work.

I applied to study countryside conservation /planning in a local university and also started applying for jobs in my local council. In late August just after I have finished school I had pretty much decided it would be university and would travel up from home every day. Then out of the blue I had an interview for an admin role in my local council for 3 months.

They were looking at creating a housing association through transferring council houses (large scale voluntary transfer) so only needed someone temporarily. I told them I would be starting university but would be available until the end of September and they were happy so I began work. Fortunately as I started university I had two half days a week free of lectures so worked
part time with the council and attended university. I did this for a year and soon realised I preferred working to university so I decided to leave university and get a full time position as an admin assistant to possibly look at going back to university in the future.

I loved working in housing because of the varied work and the fact that it’s always changing and found it so interesting and after a few months of working I was offered to do a course with the CIH so I thought I would jump at the chance as I could work and do a course in my own time. I started with the level 3 certificate in housing maintenance and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was helping me learn more about housing but also learn more about what I working on at the time.

I enjoyed it so much I went on to complete the level 4 certicate, level 4 diploma, professional diploma and then I did an extra year with De Montfort
university to make my qualification into a BSc. I found the Degree so interesting and loved working on the policy making assignments. I really enjoyed why certain policies were created and the history around them. It really shows how housing has developed in recent years.

I achieved a degree in just over 6 years with working full time and having a baby! I was able to fit the courses around my life and do it in my own time whilst working. I have now got 11 years of experience of working in housing, a degree in housing and a chartered member with the CIH. I could not recommend the CIH courses any more as it means you can work and get the qualification you need to progress in the work place. I have no student loan and have built up work experience whilst doing a degree!

The support you get from your tutor is amazing and it is an excellent way to get qualified in housing! Doing the courses and being a chartered member with the CIH has given me the skills and knowledge I need to work in housing. I feel that my qualifications represent what I know in housing and will be assets throughout my career as I progress through different roles in the future.

Katy Sinnett-Jones, Tai Ceredigion


The housing sector needs professionals. Whoever they are, wherever they are and we’ll drive to create, develop and support them.

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