My Love

My love, My love, I fall to my knees
 I pray that my soul reaches yours
 Forgiveness I come to you pleading for
 My love, My love, I have failed to pass down the keys.

My love, My love, my tears cry out for you
 My thoughts consumed by the greatest hindrance
 Angered at the coward within
 My love, My love, you could have been the first

My love, My love, am I worst than my father?

Lord, I pray for your grace and mercy
 I pray for it to be revealed in the eyes of my love
 My love, My love, you would have never been a bother

My love, My love, I just wish I gave you love
 I wish I gave you the love that was given to me
 I wish I were the man you deserved
 My love, My love, I just wish I gave you love

Forgive me my love!

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