Sometimes in life you come to a stage where nothing seems working. Is always the reason behind a GAME OVER is our poor performance? No, atleast i don’t think so. What if while playing, someone pokes you and you losses your concentration which will result into a GAME OVER! I know love is not a game but, life is! Life is exactly like a game which presents you hurdles after hurdles. You feel damn relaxed and happy after crossing a STAGE but then comes the next stage with more difficulties.

Likewise in life with age and experience we learn to cross many milestones. And one day we stop and wonder how far we have came and what a good player we have developed into! The only thing i learnt is “ Keep crossing, Keep learning” and by the day i will reach my GAME OVER in any field of my life , i will be a player good enough to teach others and RESTART a game now i am a Master in!