Collaboration between two advanced technologies on the Aigo system

Calla Cilli
Aug 14 · 4 min read

International trade can indeed make bilateral relations between the two countries stronger and closer. It is undeniable that this is also the beginning of the formation of a number of international agreements that have a large domino effect on the welfare of the people. However, this agreement can run smoothly, because it has been through various long and tight administrative channels.

Formerly international trade was only carried out by a number of large companies, but now it can also be carried out by a number of small companies that are still developing or individuals. In addition to administrative constraints that must be met by each of the traffickers, in addition there are also international payment transactions involving two different types of currencies. Where this transaction is usually done using the services of third parties, such as banks. So far the bank is indeed listed as one of the financial institutions that has a major contribution to the world of commerce. With various state authorizations which he must obey, automatically at this time banks are not yet permitted to accept other currencies, other than the officially recognized international currencies.

To reduce the worries of technology activists, Aigo is currently present as a payment transaction platform that combines Blockchain and AI (Artificial Inteligent) technology in collaboration to further facilitate the exchange and payment processes that occur between the country’s official currency and cryptocurrency. Automatically also needed special algorithm or calculation system that monitors and calculates all kinds of changes in currency values ​​accurately. As we know that cryptocurrency is a currency whose operation is not regulated by the authority of certain financial institutions, but is determined by market movements and policies of the platform owners who created the currency. Surgical with official currencies that have limits on change, because the operating system is controlled by the authority of certain financial institutions and market movements. Therefore if the official currency has a pause the current changes. Then cryptocurrency does not have a time lag for the flow of change. So from the integration of AI technology, Blockchain, and the use of special calculation systems can calculate these fluctuations accurately and quickly.

Currently AIGO or a number of expert teams that are members in it are working together to launch a credit card with the Blockchain and AI technology system. Where if we have seen that many platforms only provide payment transaction services, without taking bold steps to offer credit or loans to a number of users. Credit services are indeed listed as one of the services that has a high level of risk, especially if done with an online system. Therefore, until now Aigo is still reviewing to make this big investment decision. Aigo’s interest in launching credit facilities is none other than to attract the interest of the public. This is because there are some people who do not want to spend money to invest, but really like things that smell like loans. Therefore, if this investment decision is approved, the team of experts must also work together to create multiple layers of security and also a number of intelligent contracts that have strong legal recognition.

With the collaboration between the two giant technologies on the Aigo system, it can also indirectly make a number of agreements with partners. Companies that are expected to become Aigo’s loyal partners are companies that usually serve a number of payment transactions for the use of public services, such as electricity, water, swimming pools, toll roads, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. It also can establish partnership relations with a number of shopping places or beauty care services that already have permission or authorization. This is certainly very necessary, because it would be very dangerous if the platform established a partnership with an unauthorized party. Besides if things happen that are not desirable, then the good name of the platform will also be at stake.

As a platform that actively serves various requests for payment transactions. Then it has become an obligation for the platform to bring qualified security facilities to a digital wallet that it manages. Where digital wallet owned by Aigo provides various menus such as Pull Request, verifying transactions, keeping transaction records and displaying the balance amount contained in the account.

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