Forms of Assault on the Taklimakan Education Platform

Calla Cilli
Aug 14 · 3 min read

There are various ways, various gaps, and various reasons used by parties who are not responsible for doing something that can harm others. These parties are also one of the main factors that cause a platform to always be on guard by establishing a strong and sturdy stronghold. Currently there are various types of platforms with Blockchain technology. All of these platforms have business concentrations in each of the different fields, such as official currency exchange and cryptocurrency, mining, and financial transaction services. The three business fields above do have many enthusiasts, so automatically there are also many Blockchain platforms that integrate them. However, the problem at this time is on a number of assault missions carried out by parties — irresponsible.

Did you know at this time, it’s not just platforms that have all three business concentrations that often accept all kinds of threats and attacks. However, on platforms that have a concentration in the education sector Blockchain can also accept all kinds of forms and attacks. The difference in the area of ​​concentration, also affects a number of available attacking forces. For example, if on a platform that has a mining function, it will be attacked by sending a number of dangerous viruses, taking personal data, and using the data without permission from the owner. In fact, one of the main components in attack is a digital wallet. Where the component of this technology is considered to have a high sensitivity value, so it is only natural that a protective layer is much thicker than the protection layer of other technology components. This form of attack is certainly quite a bit different from the form of attack faced by Taklimakan, which was recorded as a platform that has a concentration in the field of education.

Taklimakan is a platform that is a place for a number of people who have expertise in the field of teaching or publication of the Blockchain. These people can later be called mentors who will monetize their services to users in accordance with agreements that have been agreed upon in advance. This platform is designed like an Instagram social media that displays the number of followers and publications. The difference lies in the addition of rating items that illustrate the user’s interest in the mentor’s ability. In addition, if you see someone publishing a number of interesting photos on social media, then the surgery with Taklimakan which only posts a profile picture and documents that contain a number of information — information on Blockchain technology. Where mentors can publish their knowledge in various versions of the desired documentation. For example in the form of writing, presentation, and video. This is permitted with the aim of reducing the saturation — the saturation that is usually experienced by everyone in the teaching and learning process.

Did you know that there are currently a number of individuals who deliberately create fake accounts and are used to increase the ratings of mentors. Even another form of crime is when mentors deliberately bribe a community that is also used to add comments or “emoticon” likes, which will affect the number of ratings received by the mentor. Yet if we analyze, there are many ways that mentors can take to get a high rating. For example by approaching in advance a number of communities that have the potential for high interest in the educational content that is created.

Blockchain technology does have a very broad scope of knowledge. Therefore, mentors will not automatically lose their mind to create interesting educational content. Every mentor who is incorporated can choose what Blockchain technology specialization suits him. This specialization needs to be done because each user has different educational needs. If there is a mentor who has mastery in the two fields of education, it is strongly recommended that the mentors be able to compile documents publicly. Of course all of this is done so that users can easily search.

Besides that, another way to increase this rating is by disseminating this educational content to other social media platforms. The distribution is certainly done by entering the Taklimakan mentor account link. Automatically, in addition to raising the rating, it can also increase the number of users of the Taklimakan platform itself.

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