Intelligent Hero, As an Alternative to Conquering Labor Competition

Calla Cilli
Jan 17 · 4 min read

Today there are thousands of recent graduates from various world universities competing for an ideal job. Where prospective workers will not only face competition with workers from the same country, but also compete with foreign workers. This competition will certainly make it more difficult for local workers to get jobs, this is of course because many companies or industries are more interested in hiring foreign workers. Because foreign workers are considered to have more potential quality compared to local workers. Therefore, as a local workforce, he must always improve his abilities, which can be done while undergoing education. In addition, local workers can also improve their abilities by utilizing technology that contains educational elements, such as those provided by Blockchain technology as an educational platform in various fields.

To get the ideal job, we cannot rely solely on employment provided by the government. This is because the government has also set the standardization of prospective employees at the time of recruitment. So the ability is an important thing that must be possessed by someone, if you want to get the ideal job. Because it is impossible for a government or private agency to accept workers on the basis of a sense of nationalism alone, while these agencies need workers who can be relied on and are able to think rationally. Therefore, as workers, we are required to be able to think wisely, in order to give birth to ideas that can be applied in everyday life, so we can produce coffers of money.

In the process of finding a job, of course there is no problem if the workforce tries new things that can hone their abilities. For example it starts by taking a series of ability tests offered by Intelligent Hero. If you currently assume that taking an ability test will only waste time and will not get satisfactory results. Then you have to look at a set of facts that occur in the field of employment, which someone will accept rejection from the company because they do not have the ability and proof of professionalism. Therefore, to facilitate you, Intelligent Hero will provide a test of skills that can be tailored to your abilities, and will also issue professional evidence in a short time.

Recorded as a Blockchain based platform, Intelligent Hero is an adaptive platform that can issue tests to users who want to obtain proof of professionalism in accordance with their expertise. Where Intelligent Hero will also offer users to be able to connect with other users who have different expertise, so they can exchange ideas with each other. This is done by Intelligent Hero so that users can have a broad enough insight, not only in one area. So if they are interested in other fields, then he can also do a skill test in order to have professional abilities in different fields.

The world of employment is also not in demand by someone who has an education degree, but is also in demand by those who do not have an education degree. But now to get a job without a document that proves that someone is suitable to be employed is very difficult. Therefore, with intelligence and sophistication owned by Intelligent Hero, he will help workers who do not have an education degree to obtain documents or reliable references that can prove that he has high performance and professional ability even though he does not have an education degree. Therefore the presence of Intelligent Hero will help users who do not have jobs because they do not have an education degree.

Intelligent Hero is listed as a Blockchain based platform, of course it will also accept cryptocurrency as a legal payment medium. Hero is the only token issued by Intelligent Hero as a legitimate medium of exchange, but to facilitate its users, the Intelligent Hero will also accept several other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BTC), USD and EUR. At present Intelligent Hero has a total supply of tokens of 100,000,000 Hero units, later Hero will also conduct crowdfunding in order to obtain funds to perfect the project. Therefore by looking at the functions carried out by Intelligent Hero, it can certainly be said that this platform will experience significant development in a short period of time. This is because it provides the right services and is needed by the community.






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