Relationships in 2016

Relationships have been around for centuries, yet in this past century relationships have shifted drastically. In the early 1900's men approached women who they fancied about, with the permission of her parents of course, and they would go out with a supervisor mostly to ensure no sexual intimacy occurred. During this time relationships lasted a relatively long time because the couples got to know each other on an emotional level not physical. People dated for one specific destination, marriage. Since then, relationships/dating have drifted into being mainly “hooking up” and having no intention for marriage. With this, the youth in society learn that this is the normality for relationships. They learn that premarital sex is just fine to do with just about whoever they want, when it’s supposed to be reserved for couples that are married or intend to get married. In practicing this, many young adults get hurt because they feel like they’re being used when in reality all anyone really wants is to fall in love and to be with that special someone for a very long time.

Being in a relationship in 2016 is very tricky because most “relationships” are not either not exclusive or very complex. Most relationships are purely based for social medias eye candy, trying to seem like the perfect relationship to the internet when they could be in a very unhappy relationship. It is hard to find a genuinely healthy relationship in today’s society but they are still out there. It’s important for future generations to see what a healthy relationship is so that they do not fall into the hurtful path of toxic relationships.

The goal of this photo essay is find couples that are open to the public and do not fit into the stereotypes towards relationships that society has implemented, so the viewers can learn about the better side about relationships in 2016. This photo essay will consist of 8 colored photographs of different couples in society, ordered by how long they have been together. The color in each photograph will symbolize the happiness or colorfulness in each relationship. Each couple will be asked to choose a pose that they believe represents their relationship. Each photograph is taken straight on with some close-ups and some that are at a distance and high/low angles depending on the pose allowing for the viewer to feel the intimacy between the partners. Since some of these shots will be taken in busy areas they will be interaction photos focusing on the couple, and highlighting that with their happiness blurs everyone around them. The photo essays’ photographs will be narrative; they will each tell their own story about the relationship, even though each photo will provide a caption giving a brief story about the couple. By the end of the photo essay the viewer will have proper insight on a healthy happy relationship, so they do not follow the dating path that is most popular in their own society that would most likely hurt them.

“1 Week”, As the title states, this couple is brand new to the relationship, however this doesn’t affect them being able to be out in public. Some relationships take some time before they are comfortable enough to publicize their relationship, but you can tell this couple is moving quick. This photograph was taken in a way that the sunlight highlights specifically them and blacks out the background, emphasizing the contrast between light and dark. It was also taken at a slight lower angle and up close, empowering the couple and their relationship. The vectors created by the shadows and windows all lead the eye towards the couple.
“3 Months”, As the title states, this couple has been together for 3 months. At first they were hesitant of being a part of this photo essay, but in the end they said “why not?” Clearly their hesitance was because of they are both women and in a relationship, but they are proud to be open to the public. Couples in the LGBTQ community are a bit more hesitant to be out and about because they are afraid of the judgement that might come their way, which is why this is the only couple that was photographed. This photograph was taken strait on at a slight lower angle empowering the couple. The reflection from the windows is blurry, allowing us to purely focus on them. Almost all the lines are pointing towards them, allowing the eye to follow the lines and no matter where the viewer starts eventually the eye will be on the couple.
“Almost 1 Year”, As the title states, this couple has been together for almost a year. The guy showed more confidence when being asked about their relationship, showing that he is the more dominant in the relationship. Showing that he takes care of the girl and more of the giver of the relationship. Thus, the blurred Micheal Kors bag in the bottom left of the photograph. This photograph was taken straight on at a slight lower angle empowering the couple. The brightness from the sun almost completely swallows the background so all that can really be seen is the couple. The lines from the bench in the background are slanted all pointing towards the girl, also the lines from the arches and form, The line from the mans arm in the background is creating a vector pointing towards the guy in the foreground. All lines leading the eye towards them.
“About a Year”, As the title states, this couple has been together for about a year. It is clear that this couple is comfortable with each other and goofy, which is why they chose this pose. However, that isn’t the only way comfortably is depicted in the photograph. The clothes that they are each wearing is a good sign of comfort in the relationship, both are wearing t-shirts and shoes; showing that all they really care about is spending time together. This image was taken straight on and a bit more of a close up than the previous photos, to ensure the viewer could feel the intimacy and goofiness between the couple. The shadows created by the men and pillar in the background create a vector pointing towards the couple. Although the lines created by the roof aren’t directly pointing towards the couple they lead the eye towards the pillars, then to the men, the shadows, and finally the couple; having a circular motion to the photograph.
“1 Year”, As stated in the photo, this couple has been together for 1 year. This couple was very enthusiastic about being part of this photo essay, they took their time trying to figure out what pose represented their relationship. The kiss on the cheek symbolizes that the guy is the more loving or affectionate one in the relationship. This photograph was taken straight on at a slight lower angle, empowering the couple. The line of sight, created by the man in the background, isn’t directly looking towards the couple but the vector created does point towards them. Once again the background is somewhat blurred allowing the viewer to completely focus on the couple.
“14 Months” As the title states, this couple has been together for 14 months. It is clear that this couple is lounging around outside at the pool, having a good time together, from the plants in the background but also in the reflection from the guy’s sunglasses. This photograph is a selfie taken straight on at a slight high angle empowering the couple making them seem bigger than the tree in the background, hence bigger than life. The brightness from the sunlight is over powering the background allowing the focus to be on the couple and emphasizing the contrast between light and dark. The vectors created, from the fence and tree, are drawing the eye towards the couple. It can also be said that the lines, created from the hem of the girls shirt and the guy’s fingers, all lead up to the faces of the couple.
“2 Years and 5 Months”, As stated in the title, this couple has been together for a bit longer than 2 years. This photograph was taken at the apartment they live together in and they were about to go grocery shopping. It is clear that they are comfortable with each other by the way they dress, and the fact that they live together. This photograph was taken straight on at a slight lower angle, empowering the couple. The light source coming from the top left creates a shadow, which creates a vector, pointing towards the guy. The edge of the wall creates a line pointing towards the girl. All the lines create a square motion to the photo always pointing towards the couple.
“3 Years” As stated in the title, this couples has been together for 3 years. This couple was excited to partake in the photo that the guy even turned his cap backwards so his face could be seen! Symbolizing that they are very proud of their relationship and have no problem being shown off. This photograph was taken in a parking lot straight on at a slight low angle, empowering the couple. The line created by the pole in the background leads the eye downward towards the couple, also the white line on the pavement is angled also leading the eye towards the couple.
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