Michigan Democrats Condemn Kalkaska Official for Calls for Violence Against Muslims
Michigan Democratic Party

Looking at the responses here, this is why we have to denounce any of this hate rhetoric, especially from elected officials. 2 things have to happen, people need to get out from behind their computers, reading garbage. Look at the misinformed comments from here. I have heard this rhetoric before. This is how someone like Jeff Sieting believes what he believes and he is obviously not alone. They were fed this garbage online.

2nd. People have to get out and talk to people, face to face. Enough reliance on news media. Enough reliance on elected officials. Our individual communities, and neighboring communities that are struggling need us. Enough of “that town is full of rednecks,” or “ I would never go near that place.” This could have happened in anywhere USA, there are many leaders in small towns that are getting away with this. I happen to vacation in Kalkaska and have done so for 52 years, since I was a little girl. I know many in this small village. The little Cherry Street market, Northland where we buy our brats and s’more stuff. There are a lot of good people there. This village has not recovered since the old logging days. This town needs economic developent. Halloburten is there. The largest garbage company in the region is there. Oil and Gas companies are all around. This village, and neighboring Mancelona are in need of our help. Poverty, drugs, education limitations lead to being disinfranchised and they have to blame somebody. Unfortunately some of the rhetoric from our current president found an audience amoung the oppressed and the “new rich,” both targeting a religious group. More innocent Muslims die from terrorist attacks than any non-Muslim groups do. Millions upon millions of people die from traffic deaths each year. Millions die from eating a bad diet. Millions die from drug overdoses. This hate for any group of people is wrong. How to cure this hate, is taking a community like Kalkaska, one by one, getting in there, getting to know the people, and finding out how we can help. Some people said I should run for office. No, I am not going to do that. Instead I am going to do some outreach to find a dentist who will help one of the women I met at the meeting I went to where I confronted Mr. Sieting, and see if I can help her get her teeth fixed. Then I am going to reach out to Bell’s Beer and ask them instead of pulling out of the Ice Man Cometh Race, get up here to the next Village Council Meeting on July 24th at 6:00 PM EST, 200 Hyde Street, and look Mr. Sieting in the eye and tell him to step down in person. Then help us work on getting a mico brew going utilizing the skills of local brew masters in Kalkaska. Start helping get economic development happening in Kalkaska. Hundred’s of thousands of people pass through there getting to their vacation destinations. Surrounded by lakes and rivers and national forest. Also this region has some of THE best ORV trails in the state and some of the best mountain biking on the old logging trails. All it takes is recognizing we are all the same, we are human, we have families, we like celebrating birthdays, we mourn our losses, we fear getting sick, or losing a job. Lets celebrate what we have in common, share our REAL fears, and above all else, lets start helping communities like Kalkaska thrive again.

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