My journey to the Sahara

Love found,love lost and what happens in between.

Dec 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Lets rewind now to say ten-eleven days before leaving camp.while i was enjoying not knowing anyone and not wanting to,then boom it all happened. And i was here being admired by an anonymous gentleman.

This gentleman which i got to know much later. sometimes in life we feel things happen coincidental but truth be known,sometimes it could be planned.

The scenario us still very much clear in my head.How we met,how we talked,how we had a lot in common,how we walked to maami every night giving excuses about getting something there,how he liked me and me pretending not to know from the very first.

As each night passed i could feel how our bond gets stronger with our own definitions.Now he spills the beans,and i wished he didn’t because i was enjoying our friendship which i soo did not want to end.But i knew it would eventually come to that. I was not prepared yet and was still studing how to tell people truth without having to hurt their feelings.

Each time i look into the sky and at the stars,i remember you and my debt of watching it with you. And i derived strength now from looking at the stars and imagining your smiling face.

Now its someone else, i wanted people around me to know what is like to be extremely sometimes when i laugh or smile its mostly not because of me but because of the person with me.i feel they need it more than i do,me the owner.

And now why does it have to stop and still by me?why do i have turn a smiling face to a sad one?it’s sure one of the hardest thing to do.sigh. He made several wishes but one obviously came true,of course it will, because we saw the shooting star together. “We either get posted to the same place or place closer to my place”.It came true.

Fast forward the last day of camp,the posting day. He was just the right person to cry to about my posting,even though i know deep within him he was soo glad.

Now two guys holding cardboards with my PPA written on it where wandering and dragging beaten souls into the vehicle for our next expedition. One of them became excited when we found out we came from the same place and kept on advertising and promoting the so called Maigatari.

After two hours of journeying, after sleeping,grumbling and waking we finally reached our destination.well,for a start,the place was filled with trees, dried grass,and alot of sand.The hospitality we got from fellow colleagues was amazing and then i stood to imagine where these people came from full of love and care for one another.

Well,then i realized that most of what was said in camp where mere exaggeration and eighty percent of those who said them hasn’t been there.But then, if i were to score the place,i will give it a six over ten.

Soo,this place have an international market every Thursday and you would wonder how a small place becomes soo large and magnificent. They also have beautiful ladies and girls and their sole ambition of marriage. Only one bank with no ATM,but then for other things you would have to travel to the next town to get it.

It was time to end it all,to stop hurting one was going to be difficult but its all for the was all to make us all happy.But what happens in between is still a mystery as they will only unravel as time goes by.


Written by

Linguist-Multilingual-Fashionista-Campus Journalist-Muslima

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