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Bid and ask are the fundamental definitions that every trader gets to learn, no matter what market he’s on and in what assets he trades in.

The bid-ask spread seems like a simple concept, yet it’s an important indicator. For instance, is a reflection of the supply and demand for a particular asset. The bid represents demand and the ask represents supply for an asset. The depth of the “bids” and the “asks” can have a significant impact on the bid-ask spread, making it widen significantly if one outweighs the other or if both are not robust. …

Our team would like to thank everyone for participating in the contest, we’ve seen everyone give their best and were really amazed by the quality of the winning works. Some had more impact than others, but everyone contributed what they could and it’s really great!

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CINDX focuses primarily on the crypto markets right now, but as indicated in the Whitepaper and the roadmap, there are plans to include a diverse range of markets and instruments in the future. It means there will be products available in the Marketplace, that allow investors to earn profits in various types of assets, following strategies that are dedicated to earning against a particular base asset.

The primary focus of our project is trading, and we’re trying to make it more accessible for everyone by allowing investors to benefit from the experience of the best traders. The CINDX platform’s various interfaces contain a lot of information that helps its users make educated decisions, but to completely understand what statistical data, ratios, strategies really mean — one has to know plenty of trading terminology on a basic level. This is why we’re going to explain some of the terminology you may find on our platform in plain and simple words.

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A drawdown is a peak-to-trough decline during a specific period for an investment, trading account, or fund. A drawdown is usually quoted as the percentage between the peak and the subsequent trough. …

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Dear community, July was an eventful month for the project, highlighted by the public testing of the platform. The results so far are encouraging(and we’re just getting started!):

- Over 108 registered users have taken part in the testing
- We have working products created by traders and actual followers earning real money
- We’re building a knowledge base and support center to simplify the onboarding process
- The dev team has got valuable feedback that will help us streamline the user experience

Dev Update

Bug Fixes:
- Key validation error fixed
- Filled group orders are now displayed correctly
- Fixed the displaying of profit chart on the marketplace
- Fixed registration issues on mobile devices
- Optimized memory consumption of the desktop version
- Corrected the displaying of username
- Fixed the issue which prevented charts from appearing in the investor control panel
- Various fixes and improvements made to Rebalancing and Synchronization…

One of the most difficult tasks for inexperienced Investors is choosing the right Manager. The CINDX platform uses its own rating system, which allows anyone to quickly evaluate not only the effectiveness of a Manager, but also to determine their specialization.

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The basis for calculating the rating is the trading history recorded on the blockchain, the validity of which can be verified by anyone.

CINDX shifts the paradigm of the current Manager-Investor relationship towards depersonalized, fair-play solutions. …

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We regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control, the IEO rounds that were conducted on June 25 and 27 at BitForex will be cancelled, and we will not move forward with the listing of the CINXO token at this time.

The BitForex exchange and CINDX have insurmountable disagreements in terms of listing strategy and investor rights protection, thus the collaboration with the exchange had to be terminated.

BitForex will issue refunds within 7 days from the announcement to the participants of the IEO rounds that will cover 110% of the price of purchased tokens.

The additional 10% will be covered from the funds of CINDX to provide some return to those who supported our project and as a token of gratitude to our community.

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Dear community, we at CINDX are delighted to announce that starting today our platform is going live for a month of extensive public testing!

We’d like to invite traders, investors and interested community members in general to try out the platform and provide us with feedback, streamline the overall user experience and eliminate possible bugs.

Our team is ready to present to you the following features:

  • CINDX.Market module, allowing Traders to create and display their products on the platform.
  • Manager’s control panel, a powerful tool, allowing to automate the management of multiple investors’ accounts via API. It also allows to accept and manage investors’ requests and conveniently analyze their performance as their accounts mirror traders’ deals on the exchange. …

In this part of the article on CINDX.Hub we’ll focus on the editor of algorithmic strategies and various kinds of bots available on the platform.

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Editor of algorithmic strategies with the possibility of historical testing (ASE)

This block is a highly functional code editor (C #, Python) that allows experienced developers to customize and fine-tune their strategies, but we also have a simplified system in place for creating trading algorithms based on pre-built components, that also allow a certain degree of customization.

Types of strategies created depending on their tasks:

  • Buy / Sell is the main strategy that will implement the purchase and sale of an asset. …

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Ahead of the upcoming release of the improved CINDX platform, we’re excited to share with you a sneak peek of the refreshed UI that will go with the release.

This is work in progress and should be treated as such — some things may change before the release. The numbers and names are placeholders and don’t indicate real performance of the products.



CINDX - a fund management hub to prosper in crypto

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