I have the decisions and plans ready to turn my life upside down.I
Laure Moung Mantel

“what if you gain nothing from this sacrifice?”

There is never “nothing” to be gained from a sacrifice. Never. Sometimes you have to dig for it. Sometimes it’s like you are elbow-deep in a pile of horse manure, looking for the pony. The pony is always in there. And the more time that passes, the better the view is of how that experience fits in to the whole of your life. Even if an experience turns out to be terrible just after you had it — years later, with distance, you can see how it connects to a great thing later: helping someone who is struggling, making someone laugh, teaching you what not to do, altering the course of your life so that you meet the love of your life…

So there is never nothing gained. Unless you stop looking.

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