How we built a way for accounts on legacy plans to subscribe to the latest and greatest

For most of Hootsuite’s existence, the only paid base plan was Pro. Then the package plans were released as a replacement, but Pro members retained their existing subscription. Package plans offer a more fully-featured, friendlier user experience. Revised versions of add-ons avoid confusing deprecated concepts like quantity-based tiered pricing. Recent additions to the platform, like Hootsuite Inbox, are only accessible through package plans. There are plenty of incentives for a member to upgrade from Legacy Pro—but the one task that we neglected was to create a way in-product to perform this operation.

Our Billing infrastructure has also gone through many…

how we support multiple sources of billing information

¹ The front-end UX is the same, but users backed by different platforms go through different backend logic.

Monetization platforms are the often overlooked key to collecting revenue from customers. These platforms are responsible for everything from storage of customer data (like billing addresses), to invoice generation and account balance tracking. At Hootsuite we use managed third-party services which can be costly, and sometimes impact our uptime because of the extra external dependency. Our desire for better predictability has spurred the adoption of a self-hosted solution, and a lengthy migration from our existing billing platform.

We began by re-tooling the account creation flow¹, which was the simplest option for getting users onto the new platform, and also carried…

Cindy Hsu

Professional sprint namer and full-stack software developer co-op on Hootsuite's Billing Team.

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