Finding Your Writing Niche ~ Cindy M. Jones

Finding your niche is important. As a writer, there’s so many avenues. But try explaining that to a non-writer. They believe that if you are a writer, every opportunity to write is a dream come true, right? Wrong.

It’s taken me a little over ten years of consistently working in the different fields of writing to gain confidence in doing what I like, while still bringing in a paycheck. I’ve learned to turn away jobs that I know will be frustrating and overwhelming and wait for those that fit my personality and skills. It’s hard passing up work, especially in a time and age where the publishing field can be up or down in any given day. But I believe I’ve found that enjoyment in what I now do and hopefully it will continue to be a productive and successful career.

Making others look good brings me a great deal of fulfillment. I find it challenging to take a person’s bio, ask them a few questions and look at it from a viewer’s or potential client’s perspective. Why would I want to work with this person? What makes them reliable, interesting, or unique? Too many authors and small business owners find it hard to promote themselves because they don’t want to brag. That’s where I come in. I want to tell their story in a way that will draw others in, where they want to contact them, read their books, use them as their real estate agent, check out their services or products. It is gratifying work to make others look good!

What types of writing are there? Magazines, web content, blog content, fiction, non-fiction… we could stay here all day. But I’ve got a better idea. I’ve included several helpful sites to get you started below. Let me know how it turns out.


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